Bi or lesbian?!

I'm a girl just turn 18 recently. My family is quite conservative. I have never been with a boy before, still a virgin....Well, I have always been attracted to men mainly, I even have a crush on my uncle who is some 35,but nothing beyond that.
I find that whenever I got nothing to do, I go on p**n sites and watched l*****n p**n and I damn enjoy it so much....I even rub my c**t while seeing the l*****n sucking each other b**** and playing with their c**t and all.
I want so much to talk to someone who is in my situation...
I fantasize about men and women. Sometimes I m********* myself till I c** and I find it so much ecstatic and get so much pleasure.
I know that I'm straight but can't find any rational explanation why I enjoy l*****n p**n so much. Please advise me...

Oct 31, 2014

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  • I was just like you and it was a big secret until I told my bf. He had a friends with benefits that is bi who is very sexy and so I tried it. I learned that I like men, but am naturally more satisfied with women.

    You may find that you need a relationship that allows you and your lover to be with a single man.

  • Its normal ,most of the girls i know feel that way...

  • You like watching lesbians, so? You might be straight, lesbian, or bi. Only way to find out is to experience s** with men and with women - if you even have the desire - and that way you'll know for sure.

    Really though don't stress about it, just be happy. :-)

  • Lesbian is not a swear word....

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