life at 26

i never had s**,i am kind of intrigued by it because,i learnt its good for hair and skin,my hair is balding,i'm 26 year old virgin.i want to confess i love the idea of being a virgin,being true to myself,but after my friend,told me how much she enjoys having s** with her boyfriend,i wanted to have it too,but i could not decide with whom,so finally i asked a friend to help me,he taught how to kiss,i enjoyed it,but we could not have s**,i hated myself for being so h**** and hated the fact that,the boy could see me wanting it,like some desperate teenager.i want to confess i hate myself for letting this very good friend know,i wanted to enjoy the pleasure,some say carnal pleasure that women,men enjoy.but after that my friend tried to play mind games,but i still have no idea,if he is making fun of me,it hurts though,but anyways its nice ,good or bad i dont know,but ok i think not to have given my virginity to this boy,whom i thought cared about me.i feel foolish because i'm still a virgin,yet its not valued as a virtue older days,a virgin was sacred,but now no more,.hate these people.i wish a prince valued my innocence and married me and i could happily live after with my prince and be a princess of a kingdom.i wish he truly loved me and pampered me and treated like a baby,and in turn,i would love him,nurture him,take care of him,support him,stand by him,and be a very happyily married fairytale royal story for people to see.

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  • How the heck is an o***** good for your hair? E******** is not a skin cream. It does have a miniscule amount of protein and a little bit of simple sugars. But is alkaline and can taste horrible. Or good if the diet is right.

    So, don't depend on the so called -friend-. You might want something more anonymous. Later you might find that right guy, and regret doing the first one. But hey, life isn't perfect. That -Prince- is 1 in a few hundred thousand.

    When I was 27 I finally decided to smoke some weed. I had been supporting it, and the hemp industry that could come with it since I was 16 or so. I could stick to my convictions all that time because it helped my stance for weed. They could not just write me off as a pot head if I have not ever tried it.

    Do I regret waiting? A little because of the enjoyment I denied myself, like you. But mostly I still think it was the right thing for -me- to do. At 36 now, and a regular smoker (pot only remember) it sure makes evenings or special events like a day at the beach so much nicer. I hardly touch alcohol. Which is hard in my area. Anyone who drinks is borderline alcoholic. Most events gather around the partaking of alcohol, and hence much drinking and driving. Which might be like all your friends not using proper protections against the bad stuff you can get, or the rarefactions that can follow.

    Anyways, do not look for the perfect deflowering. It might hurt and you might be frustrated at how clumsy it can be. He might go limp due to the stress of having to make it all perfect. Possibly you might not have lubrication if you are stressed too.The skills come once you have experience.

    Do not wait until marriage. If you do, what expectations do you think will happen? What expectations will the guy have? What if all those problems that you see magic cures for on the internet happens? I know a couple who nearly broke up after having a long engagement and both of them waiting to make each other their first.

    The friend just might be really immature about s** if its a game to him. Its about sharing while being selfish at the same time. Make sure you help them, but be damn sure you get off too. That is the experience part.

    Think of it. You could so easily turn the tables and remind your friend that two can play those stupid mind games. Bet he can not get it up, or is premature. Sure he can stick his p**** in you, but will it be good s**? Ask to see the goods before you decide!

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