First French Kiss

My best friend and I were at the house talking about boys like we always do. We are both 12. She asked me if I had ever french kissed which she knew I had not. She told me she was dying to know what it was like, but afraid to do it with a boy because what if she did it wrong or had too much spit or whatever.

Finally I went and got my 11 year old brother. We talked for awhile and then asked him if he would french kiss with my friend to see what it was like.

The kissed for about 30 seconds and I could tell my friend was liking it. When she was done she said, "you have to try this."

"Not with my brother."

"Come on it's just practicing, it doesn't mean anything."

So my brother and I sat next to each other on the couch and started to kiss. It took a while to get both of our mouths open the right amount and his tongue did feel really cool against mine. After a few seconds I felt his hands moving along my back and that relaxed me more. We must of kissed for about a minute.

"My turn again", my friend said and we each took several turns. My brother was in heaven. During each kiss, he moved his hands more and more. By the last one with my friend he was rubbing her chest, even though she hasn't gotten b**** yet. On the last one with me he put my hand on his crotch and I could feel his b**** through his pants.

It was a one time thing, but I do think about how cool his erection felt. My friend asked and I told her I couldn't really feel anything, not wanting to admit that it turned me on.

Nov 3, 2014

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  • Some day you gonna ride your brother for sure

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