Boyfriends best friend..

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years. Recently we broke up. The same night we broke up I went out to a party with a couple of friends. His best friend was there. As the night went on I was with a guy but wasn't doing anything with him. While we were at his house, my boyfriends bestfriend and I had sat at the couch, I rested my head on his lap. As I layed there I looked up at him and he kissed me. We stopped but all he said to me was "why does this feel so right." I was so confused. My boyfriends best friend and I have had a past before, only it wasn't a past where we've slept together. Months before that it was a similar night, my boyfriend had left me because he fell for another girl, I went out and his best friend was there. We kissed and things happened, we stopped before we slept together because we knew it was wrong. This time when we kissed we didn't stop it, we went downstairs to a room where the party was. We laid there on the bed together and just talked about everything. He told me I should leave my boyfriend for good, because my boyfriend isn't able to trust me, goes through my phone when I fall asleep, tries to find anything and everything to pick a fight, even if it happened way before him and I even started. After we talked he kissed me and one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. After we finished he got about 50 phone calls from my boyfriend, got texts saying "I can't believe you went out with her, you told me you had my back" little did we know he didn't know we had just slept together. I feel so wrong for this, it shouldn't have happened. His best friend and I have been talking and talking about the situtation. We've told each other how we felt about each other, how even that this is so wrong it felt so right. I don't know what I'm doing. I claim to love my boyfriend, but for some reason I've never felt the way I've felt before with what's happened with his best friend. His best friend said if things were different and we could be together we would, but ruinig a friendship is harder than it looks, espeically when you'd end it for your best friends girlfriend. What does this even mean, do I just forget this ever happened, do I do something about it. What does it honestly mean, could I really have strong feelings for my boyfriends best friend... All that I know is that everything that happen feels incredibly right and I've never felt this way before towards anyone.. but his best friend. I don't know what to do anymore, I do love my boyfriend but I also don't feel guilty for what I did, I've been told that's a sign I don't want to be with my boyfriend, but what happens after that? I'd want to try and work things out with his best friend, because he makes me feel alive inside. But thing's don't always go your way right? What do I even do...


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  • Something like this happened to me in high school, I had s** with the friend then both of them started seeing other people.

  • You got played and are still being played by the best friend who is a total scumbag. He talked down about your boyfriend , "his best friend" saying everything he knew you wanted to hear just to get you to f*** him. Now he suddenly cares about losing his best friend? Wake up , you were nothing more than a c*** receptacle that night!

  • Was never being played. The friend and I are dating now and have been for 4 months now. Was wrong with what happened but life moves on.

  • I agree. I'm a female, all my mates are men and even I would've tweaked onto this guys game plan as well. I know how some guys think and I'm practically a guy myself, just one with a v*****. You made a good point.

  • I agree too.

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