My ex, in a relationship, wants to meet me.. in a romantic place

Okay I'll be honest - I don't get it. I'm a guy, broke up with my ex (woman) a few months ago, we'd been together for five years. She's been a bit of a mess, apparently confused about me, but now in a new relationship with someone she says is 'special'. She also knows I'm still in love with her.

We were chatting online last night, she said she wants to meet me for lunch soon. 'Fair enough' I thought, a cafe or something in the city, perhaps a favourite Sushi place. Then she says she wants to meet in one of two out-of-the-way, lovely botanical parks. I'm a bit surprised, very surprised. She says she wants to go 'somewhere pretty'.

I figure why not? Go with the flow, so I agree. Very next thing she says is 'no kissing though'. I tell her I'm surprised she immediately thinks of kissing me, she says it's just because it's a romantic setting...

Now I'm baffled. Why suggest a pretty/romantic setting to meet your ex whilst you're in a relationship with someone else, and expressly state 'no kissing'? Very confused as to why she didn't just pick a more normal location where kissing wouldn't have even been an issue.

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  • Why? Because, like most stupid people, she has bought into the idea that she can just jiggle her tittays and send a whiff of minge your way and you'll play along with whatever ego-feeding, nonsensical activity she decides to try out. You were getting played like a violin just so she could have her huge glass ego stroked. Bet you feel foolish!

    Incels and dumb little girls, two loud useless clumps of subhumans. What a waste of DNA.

  • Where the local bum skid?

  • Just from what you've described, it sounds out of character for her.. something is up. Out of the way? Why? For what reason? Is she going to have you jumped? I don't know.. you say she's a mess, she could be resentful. In any case, you two are broken up, why bother meeting up with her now anyway? Maybe the guy she says she's in a special relationship really doesn't exist. You two should cease contact and you should cancel on meeting up with her. It's too soon.

  • Nah she isn't going to have me jumped, highly doubt she's resentful either. The new person definitely DOES exist too.

    She's said before she still has love for me and 'is confused'.

  • In the early 90s, a white woman I did not want,named Cindy once begged me to meet her at a park because she had something to tell me. We used to work together and she wanted me so badly but I was married and did not want her. Like a fool,I went. I got out of my car,walked down half the length of the park while she was walking towards me from the other end. Then here comes two guys running towards me. I knew I was in trouble. Being a fast runner then,I ran,got into my car and took off. Weeks later,I got served with papers that I had gone to her apt and beat her up in the parking lot.I had a trial for a year and got convicted(she even had witnesses testify.I was sentenced to like 30 days in a workhouse and pay restitution. The same day I was convicted,I decided to check if I was at work the day she said I beat her up. I call my job,they checked and found out that on the day this woman said I was beating her up,I was at work 30 minutes drive away. I submitted the time card,the conviction was overturned and later expunged. My wife believed that I did do something to the woman,even years later after we got divorced. An innocent act can kill or create a nightmare.

  • I'm sorry that happened to you, I am, but believe me it is NOT the situation here. She's not going to have me attacked, I'm just baffled as to why she wants to meet me somewhere romantic.

  • Meeting with an ex anywhere is never a good me.

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