I met this guy we talked for 6 years, thought we were soul mates. Last time he saw me he said I love you the next day never talked to me again.I havent been able to get over him its been almost 2 years... He wont say goodbye, why cant I give up on him. Im sick of it...

Nov 9, 2014

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  • 1) The term "soulmate" in the sense most people know it is the Hollywood version. Oversimplified and overdramatic, just like anything socially orientated in middle school. It doesn't even necessarily refer to a romantic partner. There, did your head explode?

    2) Even if he was your soulmate, he was human just like you and therefore prone to messing things up. Nothing is written in stone.

    Find someone compatible who's healthier for you than not and you'll be doing better than most people. THAT person may even be a soulmate too, just because you're not thunderstruck or seeing little cherubs fluttering around him doesn't mean he isn't one.

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