Hurtful Lady

My first love was 25 years ago. She was the most beautiful looking woman i have ever dated, not that there have been many. I loved her so much it was overwhelming.

I was very shy, a virgin and had a religous upbringing. I was afraid to sleep with her right away. After a few months she just lost it on me, said she was tired of the routine of kissing me good night. Two days later she called and dumped me over the phone. I will never forget the venomous look in her eyes and how she despised me. I didn't kiss another woman for over a decade. I am near 50, have only kissed 3 women since high school and only ever slept with one. I have not been on a date in 5 years.

I loved and cherished women so much but the few moments of joy only inspire false hope and end in years of pain. I just hope I don't live to be too old.

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  • Pal you need to satisfy a woman, she can o***** 10 times per hour and already might stick to once a week with a man... at least try to disinhibit yourself: religious upbringing means sense of guilt for your very own natural insticts labelled as to be contained...
    you should be around 50, which means a grown up man.

    That woman despised nothing, was just frustrated you didn't want her or the guilt prevailed on you... if you want a woman and you know she has been with you and wants more... open yourself up, learn to pleasure her and be free of chains...

    being a good boy does not pay back in happiness...

    do sports, keep fit and healthy and date for the talk or for s**. the really hard part is not s**, it is keeping all the aspects of a relation working over time, once you have selected a woman compatible with you and interested.

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