My grandfather's laptop

So, my grandfather got a laptop about a year ago, and whenever I come over to his house, I get to use the laptop. One time, I was on Youtube, with his account signed in, and decided "why the f*** not" and decided to check his history. Little did I know that there was p***. P*** p*** p***. It was scattered everywhere in his history, next to animal videos or fishing tutorials. I have no interest in p***, so it wasn't me at all. Honestly I was shocked that my own grandfather would watch p*** like that. One of the videos was something along the lines of "Slutty teacher strips in front of class".
This does make a little bit of sense, since my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. He's probably just a lonely old man who lives alone and needs some excitement. But, WHY???
And get this, whenever I delete the p*** from the history and come back a couple weeks later, there's MORE p***.
I swear to God. I am now really scared that my own grandfather would be such a perv. I am literally afraid to be near him.
Maybe someone else was using his account, but the odds of that are way too slim. And I don't like sitting in a chair that my grandfather may have jerked off on.
I would love help with trying to cope with this, but I felt like I needed to admit this. I am scared to tell my parents. I just wanted to get it out of my system.

Nov 16, 2014

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  • Show me a guy with no p*** in his computer history, and I'll show you a guy that know how to cover his tracks. Seriously, it's about as common for guys as getting erections (a small percentage of men don't do it).

    Lots of women look at p*** too, but they probably tend to have less crude tastes (not all, I've known women into r*** p***).
    And by the way, I look at some p*** like I look at a train wreck; I don't want to do that but I can't help looking if somebody made a video. I'm also turned on by certain p***, but I've tried the same thing in real life and I hate it, yet it still excites me to watch it. I can't explain it, I can only report it.

    Don't worry about your grandpa, he's normal. Worry about you, who shouldn't be violating your relative's privacy and trust like that. He trusts you with his computer, and you've proven he can't. How you feel if he was checking your underpants to see if you've been having s**?

  • Well know you see what happens when you wanna be nosy and get into other peoples business, just think if you never chose to check his history then you never would've found out about your grandfather and his p***, but as it is you brought all this upon yourself, your grandfather is a grown man and can view p*** if he so desires, somewhere along the line someone must of taught you how to do such a thing or maybe your parents invade your privacy by doing that to you(monkey see monkey do)but anyway that is a very bad habit to pick up on, and you should be ashamed of yourself...

    Seems like someone has really warped and perverted your idea of s** between two consenting people and calling your grandfather a pervert, s** is nothing more then normal and natural human bonding, it is the most beautiful act that a male and female can share with each other and not some perverted, dirty, nasty act. p*** is nothing more then sexual sound and visual entertainment meant to get single or couples in the mood for sexual romance, I'd say the only way you can cope with this is to admit to your grandfather that you're at fault for snooping and invading his privacy! and accepting the fact that your grandfather has sexual feelings same as mommy and daddy and someday you well be feeling the same sexual emotions if you are a normal human being....

  • Actually, she needs the lecture.

  • Actually, she needs the lecture.


  • Everybody watches p***. If you don't know it, they probably do it in secret. If you don't yet, just wait till you get older.
    You shouldn't tell your parents, first of all it's none of your business what he does in his personal time. He's not looking at bad p*** and he's not violating anyone else in watching it.
    Second of all you have no right to snoop, so it's not your right to tell them. In fact you're the one violating him by violating his privacy.

  • They asked for advice not a f****** lecture, dude.

  • A good lecture can be considered advice! but not to someone who doesn't value correction...Dude!

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