Heres just one reason to hate religion

I was at work when this short ugly wimp of a boy came to me with his usual holier than thou attitude.

He told me that he would never marry a divorced woman. Well every woman in my family was divorced and remarried. I felt insulted because no woman of any description in her right mind would want to marry someone as short and ugly as he was.

He argued with me and his signature saying after someone disagreed with him was "you just keep thinking like that".

I could have killed his little scrawny ass but I didn't want to lose my job and I just left the little a******.

Yes its in bible that your not supposed to marry a divorced woman. The bible also talks about talking snakes and jackasses and other unbelievable nonsense that no one in their right mind would believe happened.

Is there anything good about your religion other than the promise of some vague paradise after death? Either that or a similarly vague eternal H*** that this kind just loving all forgivine god has in store for non christians?

I doubt if I'd like Heaven if it was populated by wimps like the a****** in my story.

I'm glad I'm an atheist.

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  • Religion is the refuge of the ignorant.

  • We can no longer confess on this website. They have removed naughty posts and if you try to confess something nothing happens.

  • I feel the same way, and by coincidence I am short and ugly too. It is what I believe, and believe me I wish I did not. My religious beliefs have a hold on me. it does not mean that I look down on anyone who is divorced. Life and relationships are hard.

    There are some wonderfull and gorgeous woman and I think then men who end up in their lives, beds and hearts will be lucky indeed. I just can't be that man. Maybe I am losing out because of it. Maybe I am a fool, let you know after I die.

  • God doesn't need small-minded or narrow-minded humans to speak for him. In fact, he doesn't need humans to speak for him at all. I understand your objection to your co-worker's approach, and the pointless (and incorrect) insult paid to you and your family, but please understand that he wasn't speaking for God, whether or not he believed himself to be doing that. Yes, religion is imperfect, but only because man is imperfect. Don't allow this self-righteous moron to sour you on a possible relationship with God.

  • I completely agree with you.

  • If everybody thought like me at least no one would stick their nose in other peoples business.

  • I'm sorry people think differently than you.

    I hate it when people express there dearly held beliefs to me too. Why can't everybody think like me!

    You should have killed him. I'm tired of all this logic and reason bullshit. Let's act like Stalin and Lenin and prove our way of thinking is right via genocide and discrimination.

    The day everyone thinks like you will be the day we achieve world peace, end world hunger, and end mindless violence. Individuality is the cause of all suffering in the world and it's so overrated.

  • Um, I really hope you were joking? Lets be like Stalin?? And that genocide would achieve world peace? You are not right in the head and need to get cheacked out. You have a gear or two missing. SMH

  • I hate blacks for the same reason - because one of them was once a j*** to me.

  • That is why racism is so popular in our country. That is like me saying I hate whites cuz one of them style from me but u forgive, forget and learn a lesson. U r a very close minded person for thinking that way

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