Upset with God

I confess that I sometimes question God and starting to think that life's success doesn't depend on God but depend on how hard and smart we work our a**** off.

I'm really having issues with God now. I feel like He's having fun doing the opposite of things I pray for. I'm very upset at Him now.

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  • Hoping to win money on lotteries is just a bad idea. Lotteries are designed to take peoples money. Some people are lucky enough to win, but very few. If she is poor and struggling it is not a good idea. More poor people play lotteries than wealthy people. They are desperate. Most just lose money.

  • I'm not really religious, but I do believe in him. Even tho I've stayed good & everything because of him (and how I was raised), I always felt like we never see eye to eye - mainly, I'm 24 & have NEVER had a real girlfriend, never get to be HAPPY but 1 day a month or longer, etc, ppl don't like me that much & I don't have any decent friends since JR High. All I ask is to give me somebody I can love/appreciate (doesn't have to be a gf) & who makes me happy. On top of that, my mom's been struggling with money for 6 yrs, lost her jobs, car, and we had to move out of the house into an apt. She prays everyday to win a little bit of money off scratchers to get her out of debt, and no fricken luck. We beg & beg and it's like he doesn't care. Why do others get lucky at winning money or get somebody to love? And, a company started garneshing her checks, so that's more struggle for her. Really starting to lose faith in him too.

  • God isn't your sugar daddy. He won't give you s*** just because you asked for or you work hard. You have to earn it via good deeds and kindness to your fellow man. It's not his fault that life get's tough. He doesn't orchestrate your entire life from beginning to end. He created you and you are in control of your own life. Just be good and good things will happen. Karma

  • Not necessarily. Some people are wonderul and hard working and a bunch of crap just happens to them and their life sucks anyway. Though hard work and keeping out of trouble does greatly improve your chances of having a decent life.

  • Why do bad things happen to good people? Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil.

  • It also depends on your health, how good looking you are and where and what you are born into.

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