Im scared of black ppl

Im a 19 year old white girl and i am sooooo scared of black ppl!! idk y ive never been attacked or nything but im just super scared of them especially black guys they just look like they could kill u for sayin the wrong thing!!

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  • Maybe a black man did you some harm in a past life? :/

  • Huh... Ignorance, racism? Most likely you aren't racist yourself, or you try not to be. I'll tell you what, go outside, walk. Then you want to find a black man and talk to him. If he looks like he will rape, or hurt, or only hit on you, ignore him, same gos for white, Hispanic, or any other man. I agree, that some black men look dangerous, but I'm much more afraid of white people. Did your parents raise you to be afraid? You write as if you text more than anything, so you are as said above, probably spoiled, at least to an extent. Get over it. Talk to some of them. Some of the smartest men in American history are black people. No one is going to hurt you, and if they do, they will most likely be white. Stay out of gangs, the Mafia, and you should be fine. But... you probably wont read this all anyway...

  • Whatever d*** head, Listen no on wants to rape you. You are more likely to get raped by a white guy. Most whiter girls love black men. I love white women. I would treat you with respect and honour you as my queen if I had the chance. You don't have to be afraid of the unknown. Somebody raised you like this right?

  • They do want to rape and kill you so you should exercise some caution.

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