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Look, I go to an all girl school and no I am not a l****, I've got like these super cool friends that are like the cream of the crop in our school, like for example the Valedictorian, the empress of doodle, the 'easily mistaken for a foreigner', the super funny joker with tons of connections, the eye catching emo, and other top students, and this has done nothing to boost my confidence at all, I am like creeping out about this, I just dont know what to do to be noticed anymore, so like I lied, and started buying everyone stuff even with my mom's meager paycheck and my dad trying to make ends meet, my sister already in an expensive college, me being in an exclusive girls school and my brother being in an exclusive guys school. I am not smart, nor pretty nor athletic and my mom just keeps comparing me to my friends and all, like how she's just so perfect and why cant you be like her? It's really annoying even when I told her I wanted to be a designer a few years ago but then my parents told me that was a stupid idea well not really tell me but the implied it, and so they suggested that I become a doctor instead, and so I said yes and now my grades are barely getting anywhere and now she's complaing that I can be a doctor with grades like that, and do you even want a future or are you going to live off your relatives? It's so annoying! And I am still 14 and all, cant she like back off for a few seconds? I really need advice here!!!


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  • DEAR GOD PEOPLE! Give the girl a break. I'm sorry if you didn't go to high school this millennium but just because you're old doesn't mean you can all be b******. As someone who HAS gone high school in the last 10 years, I actually have a right to speak on this matter.

    Don't let anyone get you down. You are trying to be a great person. I know this because you see the things you want to change, you just don't know how to change them. I can't help you with that, but you'll be okay. When wonder why you can't be like this or that... just remember that (presumably) you're not on drugs, you're not suicidal, you're not a w****, etc... You have friends and you have family. Be who you are and let no one force change upon you. I let someone change me and now I'm royally f*****.

  • Your parents seem to be obsessed with status and they are infecting you with that snobbishness. The schools they fork out all that money for, the comparison of you to your friends, the insistence you pursue a high-profile, high-money profession and more shows they're probably shallow d****. Why don't you, ms. 14-year-old, just do as well as you can. Find friends you want to be friends with, rather than some schoolgirl ideal. When your mom catches you spending her money on your pathetic attempt to make friends just shrug and say "what did you expect, you have created this." When you get older invite some dude to your house and jack him off above your parents' bed so he shoots all the c** over their sheets.

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