Somnophilia/Stomach Fetish

I'm a 17 year old girl who loves seeing a cute/hot guy passed out on the couch, bed or floor shirtless. Usually I fantasize about rubbing their stomachs and kissing it. Some of my guy friends know about this fetish and allow me to feel theirs.

I'm not in a relationship so whenever I feel the need to touch a guys stomach during school at lunch, I'll ask on of my closest guy friends if we could head outside in the back, where no one can see us, just to feel his stomach.

One time, during lunch, we where outside and he started to fall asleep. He had his arm around my shoulder and he dozed off. He looked so cute. While I had the chance, I slightly raised his shirt and began to trace my fingers on his stomach. I even felt the need to play with his navel. I just started to trace my fingers around it. Then when I couldn't stand it any longer, I kissed it. His stomach and his navel.

I felt his stomach tense up. He was a little tickleish and I could see a small grin on his face. When lunch was almost over, I played with his navel a little longer then decided to wake him up. He was a bit surprised that his shirt was halfway up. He ask happened and I said "The usual."

So tell me. Am I not alone with this type of fetish?

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  • Well I have a belly button fetish but if you would let me play with your belly button I would let you do anything with mine

  • I might email you both, but to be honest, I'm not that pretty or beautiful or thin. I'm a little on the chubby side and really self-conscious about it. But, yes I do love to feel a guys midsection and it IS extremely rare to find a girl with this type of condition.

  • I actually never heard of Somnophilia well i might have in the past but i didnt know they had a name for it. i like your fetish its cute i always dreamed of waking up and seeing a girl kissing and playing with my stomach. I wish you can be that girl because finding someone with Somnophilia is just as rare as finding a girl with my fetish, alvinolagnia. anyways email me sometime

  • I have a stomach fetish too!!! But only if its from girls!!! I love its especially from hunger. I often watch youtube videos and mostly animes. Freakin really turns me on! email me if you want and i hope to chat with you one day. *hoping if i could see your stonach too*

  • Many people have Somnophilia, buy just not the way you do.

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