My belly history confession

I'm a 20-year-old girl and I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me when I was in high school senior. I was a very popular girl with a lot of friends. There was this boy from school that I always fought with, he was annoying, irritated me, made fun of me, and I always did the same to him. It was a love-hate relationship. I am a brunette, with black hair, black eyes, and white skin, I was very thin in my school days, and I always liked to show off my belly. I don't know why if it was to show that I was toned from the abdominal workouts I did or if it was for me to show my piercing, but at that time I had a belly fetish. Especially in my belly. Then one day, this kid and I had a group assignment at my house. My parents were rarely at home. So there was just me, my classmates and some boys. Then everyone started to leave, except him. He stayed at home. I played with him telling him to leave, saying that I couldn't stand him at my house anymore, and he seemed to flirt with me, saying that I loved him so much, that I couldn't live without him until he asked where my parents were. I was lying on my sofa, wearing a shirt that showed my entire abs, and I noticed him staring and asked if he liked my piercing. He replied that he loved it and that he found my belly very sexy. That was a turn on for me. I got up and started kissing him, and he ran his hand over my belly, making me shiver, until he laid me down and took off my shirt, started licking my ribs and then my innie navel. I was so h**** that I started to take a deep breath, shrinking my belly, and moaning loudly. He realized, realized that I had a fetish on bellies, and then he asked me. Of course, I denied it but then he took off his shirt and showed his belly, it was neither fat nor thin. He was a handsome guy and seeing that belly gave me pleasure, so he told me that he also had a fetish on bellies, and got up and went to the wall, I followed him and started kissing him on the belly, he started to shrink with I did it, so he took my hand and put it in his navel, and told me to press, I started to press my hand on his belly, leaving him moaning and breathless, he asked me to punch and I punched, he punched the delicious belly without stopping, and he moaned. I punched so hard that he fell to the floor for one hour, and then I stepped on his belly, making him let out a big moan that made me very, very h****. I was h**** hitting someone that I was fighting, that I was dying to hit, but he was hot and his tummy and his groans of pain drove me crazy, and then he ended up saying it was my turn. I never got punched in the belly before, and I didn't even feel so much pleasure, I just felt because it was with him and those delicious moans. Until he punched my stomach hard. I moaned loudly, UUUUUHHHGH and fell to the floor, I lost my breath, that left me moaning on the floor for minutes, with my hand on my belly. I got up very angry and finished him off, punched him hard in his stomach, repeatedly, I dominated him until he fell to the floor again, I started kicking his belly, he asked me to stop, with a voice groaning from pain, he was on the floor, with his arms back and shrinking his belly, I stepped on everything, he groaned so loudly and gave up, brooding over the pain. So I lay down and started kissing him on his red belly, licking his ribs, and then he did the same with mine. After that, we never spoke properly again. I still know him and I know where he is studying, I would love to punch him again or have him lick my defined belly, but now it is too late ...

May 28, 2020

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  • I like my t*** punched. My b**** are 44DD. I like to hold my arms up over my head and have someone just start punching away at my t***. They swing and sway and start turning red. If they keep talking about my 'punching bags' it gets me really hot. It's even better if I can be suspended facedown and my b**** are hanging there just begging to be punched. I like being treated like an object just like another piece of equipment in the gym for everyone to punch hard.

  • I punch girls t i t s but I like to kick their c u n t s really hard too. I punch their t I t s till they can't stand anymore. Then I kick their legs apart and start kicking their c u n t s until their rolled in a ball. Then I can grab their hair to hold them up and start slapping their faces so hard their head spins. That's what c u n t s deserve. To be kicked and punched hard.

  • I am a girl and i love to punch the bellies of other girls, or dominate men's bellies

  • Hey, I’m a strong guy with abs.. I’d love my abs to be dominated and pounded by a girl like you.. if interested let me know and I can slide my Instagram


  • H*** yeah.. I’m a guy who’s into the same.. what about you? Tell me that and I’ll give my instagram

  • The hottest thing that I have seen

  • I also love to be belly punched

  • Omg that's so hot i wish i was him

  • F*** off with your fake ideas

  • This is not fake lol, he went to high school with me for many years, and now he is in college and me too, the last time I spoke to him was in 2019...

  • Why don't you gut punch me hard

  • I could. But I WON'T, only because you want me to. What are you gonna do now?

  • Are you
    a girl

  • I am can I punch your guts?

  • Not

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