I don't love the holidays

Being a person with no family isn't great on the hoidays. I do have kids but my parents and brother died when I was very young. So you can imagine that it gets lonely. I never get a birthday present, not that it matters anymore.
I am trying to volunteer in my spare time since my 2 great friends moved away. I spend more time with my kiddies than I used to. I try to think more about others...it's easy when it's strangers. The Lord had decided to make me the one without family. Be glad you have parents and siblings and cousins. You just never know.

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  • Having spent many, many holidays alone I know just what you're talking about. But you're wrong. You DO have family. You have your children and it's up to you to make their holidays happy. I don't even have children. I don't have a wife or gf. My parents and brother died when I was young. It gets really lonely at Christmas and Thanksgiving though fortunately this year I won't be spending it alone. It bothers me hearing all the people complain about how much they have to travel or buy for, for all their family members when there's lonely people out there with no one. But you're not alone. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your children because they are the ones who truly matter. Happy Thanksgiving.

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