Just about every kid my child knows has absent parents - and these poor kids are so lost. I wish I could adopt them all! They have so much promise, but nobody helps them - I can't stand it anymore. I see so many kids with selfish parents. I don't care what the circumstances are people need to do right by their children. How can I feel so much for them and their parents can't or won't?

Feb 20, 2016

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  • But I thought there is No Greater Love than a parent has for their child! Fake news! Faaaaake neeeeeeews!!!!!

  • It sure is a good thing we let anyone who wants to make babies crap out as many as they want, huh? When will people wake up and have that conversation, after the world population hits 10 billion and there's no water left? Trust me, despite the media hype we will NOT colonize another planet in time.

  • You are a very compassionate soul but you can't change the entire world. Continue to encourage the kids whom you can. Maybe one day you can open an after school program or get a job counseling children. Then you will be able to make an even greater impact. Sometimes all that neglectful parents need is support and encouragement to see their wonderful children. You certainly can also help with that. You're a wonderful person!

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