Belts, belts belts

Belts are a fascination for me. (some would say, a fetish). I like to look at belts even when not being worn - especially really strong ones perhaps with holes punched all round.
I like belts to be at the natural waist and worn by people who are not too fat.
It is best if the belt is worn really tight, especially by a slim female. I mean so tight that the waist is reduced by 5 or so inches. The effect on me is really electric. I always try to imagine the feelings produced by that on the wearer.
I know the feeling, because I have always enjoyed it myself. In everyday life, I almost always wear a belt on my natural waist, and as tight as I dare if it can be seen. In private, under a jumper or tee shirt, when relaxing, I like to pull my belt in as tight as I can. At the present time, I have sourced some shorts which fit on my waist and I can wear a belt with them as tight as I like.
I also, sometimes, lie on my back and see how far I can pull my belt. I lie there like that for a while and enjoy the sensation.
This all started many years ago as a child (my Aunt used to say I had a waist like a woman!) and has continued ever since, becoming quite extreme.
How I wish I had the chance to share this with another person (preferably female)

Oct 27

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  • Certain cuts and washes of denim on a girl are MY thing. If she's wearing jeans or bermuda shorts, I want em almost PAINTED on. Then I want her in a semi long tee shirt just long enough to PARTIALLY cover her curves while allowing occasional peeks to sneak out. I like em five pocket style, that extra little pocket on the hip and the hooked seam of her zipper are what I like to catch little glances of-- and I like that zipper to be short and kind of be pushed slightly outward with the strain of their tightness. I love denim PINAFORES as well, but only when they end in my two favorite miniskirts-- classic pockets and zipper but with a pleated bottom, or NO pockets, but kind of tight, and it's a wrap around with buttons. As for shorts, I love skin tight denim bermudas, but if they're not than they have to be REALLY short with tiny, delicate little pockets. Either a rolled cuff or it just ends at a plain, regular seam that just happens to sit VERY high up-- I don't like most cutoffs. I ALSO love it when the wash is DARKER but it's got those tiny, delicate little faded ripples all through it that kind of fades it out so that deep black kind of looks like a very dark grey, dark blue kind of looks like medium blue and seems to have little pool water sun ripples-- it's not acid wash I don't think, but it's that thing that kind of LOOKS like a very weak acid wash. Thing is though? It doesn't matter the age of the person wearing them-- if they meet certain looks, they turn me on. If an old grandma can actually still rock em-- some can-- I'm turned on. If they happen to flatter a five year old, I'm turned on. Once whatever magic balance is achieved with the denim, I start wantin' her to laugh and make fun of me while she wears it.

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