You should be ashamed

So your daughter is in an abusive relationship and when she asks for help, you tell her to lie in the bed she's made. You've been in an abusive relationship yourself, Dorothy. What kind of mother abandons her own daughter like that? Oh that's right. The one who abandoned her to a pedophile just to make sure there was a man in the house. What do you have against this girl? What did she do that was just so wrong? And you call yourself a Christian. You're evil. Just evil. That's what you are.

Nov 28, 2014

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  • "Loving" mothers abandon their children to horrible situations all the time, not just the Christian ones or the ones trying to fvck their way into a new wallet.

  • I guess it's not likely to be the same "Dorothy", but the facts are virtually (and eerily) identical to a Dorothy I know (and actually dated for awhile), but if they're the same, I take issue with the characterization that she abandoned her daughter. I am perhaps biased because I've been in love with Dorothy for 15 years, while she dated and was married to other men. I'll always love her and wish I was her husband. She never hurt her daughter, and neither did the man she was dating at the time.

  • Maybe OP used the mother's actual first name, maybe she didn't. That's a thing right now in the online community, Karen.

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