I am desperate to stop

I am emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive to my boyfriend. When we fight I lose it when he trys to leave and I lash out and beat him with all my strength. Its like a side of me cuts off and I just want to hurt him like his hurt me in the past. He is such a sweet guy who only loves me and has changed and matured for our relationship. I pull his hair and yank him around and kick and scream at him when i feel like I have no control over the situation anymore... I am pregnant now and its just making it worse.... I NEED to change for the sake of my 6 year relationship and my unborn child

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  • You're lucky he hasn't hauled off and whacked you a good one, baby or not..People have their limits and will only take so much.. My ex-wife used to get drunk and throw things at me when tried to calm her down, yell, scream, threaten to call 911.. Pushed me one night, and, while I didn't go full-force..I did push her back. Got tired of taking it from her when she was loaded drunk and just..reacted. Stopped myself from continuing, which would have been bad.

  • You know how many abusive people can admit they have issues?? Like two. That includes you and the other person may not exist. You have identified the problem and you want to change. You will be ok. You will figure this out.

  • Seriously, get therapy or something. If you say he's such a sweet guy, he doesn't deserve that crap. I don't know why he hasn't left yet, if you're treating him like that. Get help before your child is born, and has to be brought up amongst that s*** going on.

  • You need a strong partner who won't put up with your s***, if there's such a person out there. Your boyfriend allows this stuff by sticking it out with you so he has issues of his own. At least you recognize that you're a crazy b****.

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