This girl loves it rough

I am an 18 year old male and i was on facebook one day this girl started liking a few of my pictures. She lives local to me and i didnt know of her either, she is rather hot and is also 18.

we started talking a bit and as things do the conversation leaded to s** rather quickly. she told me a few sexual stories and fantasies of hers and i returned a few of mine.

We then didnt speak for a few days and all of a sudden i got an inbox on facebook from her asking to come meet me, i of course said yes and went round to her house, i knew what would most likely happen but i didnt push for anything to soon incase it didnt.

We spoke for a while on her bed and all of a sudden i could feel her hand slowly going down my trousers, i didnt pull away or anything as she was clearly in a h**** mood. We ended up f****** the first time for around 20 minutes or so and she was unlike anything ive ever had before, ive slept with 4 other girls and even had a three way but this didnt make anything close to her, she wanted me to strangle her and pretty much hit her during s**, asking me to lick her butt hole and everything, it was incredible. Whilst she asked me to do this i was waiting to get hard again for round two and the second time was a good hour and a half it lasted, she was incredible and completely blown my mind. She has been the only thing on my mind since then, this all happened earlier on during the week. Im meeting her again sunday and im so looking forward to it

Nov 29, 2014

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