Fun With My Ex's Cousin.

At the time my ex and I were not getting along. I had already been cheating on her with some girls i worked with and having a really good time. One weekend her little cousin came to stay with us. She was this sexy little blonde who loved to ride horses and just had this attitude that turned me on. We all got drunk that night and it being a small apartment she slept on the floor in our bedroom next to us. Well I couldn't sleep, and i was h**** as h*** so i reached down and started to fondle her amazing 17 year old t***. Next thing i knew her in her drunken stuper ( i could tell she was still asleep) reached up and started to stroke my c*** through my shorts. The whole time my ex is lying right next to me. I pulled my c*** out for her and let her start to go to town on it and she leaned up and put it in her mouth. so i crawled on the floor and started to lick her p**** while she sucked me dry. I didnt get to f*** her, believe me i wanted to soooo bad, it just didnt happen. I finished licking her until she came and then whent to sleep. she didnt seem to remember anything in the morning, and it was the last time i saw her. NOt the last time however that something like this happend. I ended up sleeping with my ex's friends when they would come to visit. I kinda felt bad but the relationship was heading to the end anyway.

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