I force my self on my girl friend

One day me and my gf was talking . i spill some voka on her bed . i was drunk . she dont like drinking . so she was playing in sed (I HATE YOU) so i start fake cry. when came to give me hug. i touch her b****. she didnt mind i do all the time . i push her on the bed . in her short like i alway do . but i pull down her pants in start tease it . for a sec . then i put it in all the way . for minutes it felt wet . then i remember this was her first time . in the hymen must broke . she was bleeding in cry . i stop in sed sorry . she was glad i stop . that day i went to the AAA . she sed i didnt do anything wrong . but i think i went to far.

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  • If she dont want 2 f*** r if u hav 2 force her dump her

  • U didnt do anything wrong but why had u not fuckd her b 4

  • Why would you go to AAA, did your car break down?

  • thanks for the confessional evidence. Your IP is logged here. I hope you get jailed dumbfuck.

  • ummm okay i posted that kinda quickly not finished reading all the way though. I shouldnt have been as harsh since you were drunk and just got carried away. you should avoid alchohol though.

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