I've been sleeping with my intern.

I'm 42 SWF living in D.C. and I've been having s** with my 20 yo intern from GW for almost a year. At the beginning of fall semester he moved in with me to save 1000 a month rent. My main rule is he has to stay naked when there's no guests. Maybe an apron if he's making dinner. When I go overseas for work I have him Skype me twice a day to m*********. My favorite things to do is fill out his performance reviews either just after s** or while he is eating me out. I have never been happier.

Dec 2, 2014

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  • Sounds hot.. I had a hot, 22-year old, gorgeous girl working for me, independently, and would be lying if I said brought her on board purely because she was so damn tight-bodied and pure eye candy. She did a good job with what I gave her.

    If I had to show her some computer stuff or new program I was using, she'd come to my home-based office. We worked in close range all the time. My then-wife wasn't a huge fan of "Melissa" (name change), but knew the girl was flirty and got me hard often. I'd wait until wife wasn't home, or working all day on a Saturday, and tell Melissa to come over for her pay, and more work. I'd then tell her to wear the tiniest, most revealing promo girl clothes she had (she was a beer girl part time, too..a little before the outfits were tamed down and they showed off a ton of skin), or she wouldn't get paid.

    Between the working shoulder to shoulder, leg on leg, and the sexy clothing.. It didn't take long for me to start having at her. Became a regular thing until she went South for college, then came back all sorts of messed up.

  • Mainly because I like watching him, I look forward to it. Sometimes I leave him toys wrapped up and he has to wait for me to say its ok to open it. Anyways when I'm home we have s** around 2 to 4 times a day. I like doing the opposite of holding him off, I want to see how much endurance he has.

  • Why do you let him m********* at all. Ever. Make him wait. The sexual tension is electric.

  • SWM here 51, I think you are awesome!!! Have fun!!!

  • SWM 64 this May 2021

  • You are hotter than a cup of cappuccino coffee on a DC winter. You must be a sexy white woman?My gf reviews my sexual performance after s**, quite often, and pays me nicely.I got tired of saying no because I saw it made her sad and she could not take no for an answer.Now I just take the money happily.I have come to enjoy being reviewed after s**,lol. Enjoy.

  • Wow, that's pretty hot. I'd love to be your intern. Need an accountant????

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