Miss Borders said shed remember me

Well I'll remember you too you mean old ugly **. I mean what kind of worthless incompetent teacher doesn't allow the class to go on recess as soon as the bell rings? I mean what kind of an idiot would on the last day of school not dismiss the class until several minutes after the bell rang on the last day until summer school started.

You were a member of some kind of xtian cult that apparently didn't allow its ** to wear makeup and you always wore those dark clothes

I don't know what sect of xianity you belonged to but quite frankly you looked like a halloween witch in those granny dresses your dark hair up in a bun and your dark swarthy skin. If you rode off on a broom it wouldn't have surprised me.

So yeah you sorry old **. You said youd remember us. Well you bet your virgin ** people remember you and not with any kindness.

You never married and maybe it was your religion that forbade marriage or maybe you were too ** ugly to attract a man.

Getting back to your religion. Why foist your religion on us? We didn't give a ** what you believed. I mean school is school and church is church. Why not proselite among your own kind?

I don't know whether god exists or not and its people like you that make me hope he doesn't. If Heaven if full of ** like you than I'd just as soon remain dead forever.

Dec 2, 2014

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  • You sound like you need to get a life and leave your memories behind

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