She Kept Watching!

I have always liked being 'caught', but this was different!
I am a SWM, 51, h**** and still very sexually active.
I had a 7:00 am meeting at a prestigious retail shop in Boston and it was critical that I park right out front on the street, so I got into the city early and grabbed a great spot at 5:45 am. It was still very dark and rainy and now I had over an hour to kill.
I started rubbing myself through my pants. I got so hard that I had to pull my pants down, all the way down to my ankles. Now I was as free as a bird, legs spread, c*** standing at attention, stroking away when I looked across the street inside Starbucks. There was a female employee who was apparently able to see what I was doing, just barely, because the street lights were shining into my lap. I kept stroking as I watched her watch me. I had already put the visor down so my face was in the shadows and she couldn't tell I was looking back at her. She came from behind the counter to the front, and then went behind again with her eyes locked on me the entire time trying to figure out her best view. She was like; 'Am I really watching this guy j*** off right now?' She was puzzled, amazed, and mesmerized!
I then did what any respectable man would do. I raised the steering wheel to its highest position, raised my ass up in the air and pressed my thighs to the steering wheel, putting the full size and shape of my c*** into the light as I pumped away. She watched...and watched, never saying anything to anyone. Customers came in. Customer left. I kept bringing it up to the light every time she was free. She couldn't stop looking!
Now it was time. I didn't care who was watching. With my c*** up in the light and my head back, I closed my eyes and jerked off for all I was worth.
Finally...Bang, bang, bang, shots of c** everywhere!
Oh my god that felt great! I tried to relax as my arms and legs were quivering with adrenaline and excitement.
I can't say if she actually saw me c** because my eyes were closed, but she definitely watched me peel off the paper towels from the roll which I held up in the light and she continued to watch as I wiped c** off of everything inside my car, including my gooey hands.
The funny thing is, is that now at 7:00, in the day light, I had to get out of my car and show myself on the street for the meeting where she could clearly see me. I was a bit nervous but also proud. I am 6'-2", in great shape, and have been called handsome so I wonder how long it took for her to go somewhere private and frig herself off.
The next time I have a meeting there, I'll go inside Starbucks first, for coffee, say hello to her, then go back to my car and casually j*** off. Then she'll know who she's watching! She won't know that I know. Even if she does, the next time after that will be even better!
I've been 'caught' masturbating before, but this was the first time I continued jerking off and continued to be watched! I loved it and so did she!!! Win...Win!!!

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