I'm Catfishing someone and I don't know what I should do

I've been catfishing this girl... For those of you who don't know, catfishing is when you pretend to be someone you're not online. I'm a girl, and I've been catfishing this girl for a little over a year... We met on Minecraft (yes I know that's weird but we did) she lives in another state. We're both in the USA. I fell in love with her and she says she's fallen in love with me and we've been together for almost 10 months. We Skype all the time and she uses her camera and I know she's who she says she is but I've never used my camera (doesn't work to be honest) and I've only sent her a few pictures of some random chick I found online... She's so sweet and trusting and I feel pathetic for doing this and I've betrayed her trust .-. I don't know what to do. I know I need to tell her eventually but I don't know when or how and it's tearing me apart inside. I don't even want to know how she'll feel when I tell her the truth... I know what I'm doing is wrong. In my defense, I posted the first picture of the random girl saying that I loved the hair... But she assumed it was me so I just went with it and found more pictures that looked like that girl... I just needed to confess this somewhere .-. I wish I knew what to do... Please help. By the way, me and her have discussed moving in together and having a future and I really do love her but I'm terrified to lose her. I know I probably will when I finally tell her, and I understand why and I'll respect it but it's going to hurt so badly and I don't know I'm hoping someone could help me figure out a way to tell her... I've been completely honest with her about everything, aside from what I really look like... It doesn't help that I'm honestly pretty ugly. I wish I was just honest from the start... I've considered suicide many times but I know that's a cowardly way out and it would leave her here alone and she wouldn't know the truth. Honestly I'd leave her a message explaining who I was, with a picture of me, and tell her I was sorry. Then I'd end it... BUT I've decided against that and I think she deserves to know the truth from me.


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  • Um first of all why would you kill yourself over something like that? Are you dumb or stupid?

  • Wtf rude

  • Hi, I was actually reading all these articles and I was catfishing this girl, so then recently 2 days ago, I told her the truth, we have known each other for 3 years I only sent pictures at the beginning then stopped, once we started talking we realized that it was true love, I told her the truth and she told me that she felt the same way, that she knew it was true love! So i say to everyone who is going through something like this, JUST DO IT! If it works out you'll feel so much better and if not, well lesson learned.

  • Those only happens in rare occassions to be honest.

  • F*** off c*** fish.

  • F*** off degenerate

  • You just have to tell her and let the pieces fall where they will. That's all you can do. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst and whatever the outcome, you'll deal. Suicide is definitely not the answer to any problem. You didn't set out to catfish her, as you said it sort of happened and that the initial picture you sent, the girl assumed that it was you and you just didn't correct her. Which was a big mistake, but you can't go back..you can only move forward. And if this is the biggest lesson you learn in life, then just be grateful. And who knows, she could be super cool and understanding and know that it wasn't with malicious intent. It has more to do with you, than her as to why you haven't come clean earlier. But know this..this doesn't make you a bad person and from now on never say you're ugly or that you're anything less than amazing. But don't wait longer to tell her.

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