Temporary Taboo

Now before you judge please read this all the way through, for a few years i tried to establish a sexual attraction between my me and my cousin it started with little stuff and over the years it lead to me getting her off with my fingers but we may have taken it too far we shared our first makeout session at first i was excited but after felt ashamed and Guilty of it i basically stole her first kiss we haven't talked about it yet and we're definetly not lettering our family know about this but now this has to end this cant happen anymore. if anyone has had a situation like mine let me know how youd deal or dealt with the guilt im not leaving my name just going as anonymous

Dec 6, 2014

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  • I apologized last night for the kiss felt it was the right thing to do it wont fix what we did but im not sure what else to do-anon

  • I made out with my first cousin maybe 25-30 times when we were in our pre-teens and teens, including some dry humping and some pretty intense handjobs (both ways), but no oral or penetration. In our 20s we were both married to other people but the attraction resumed and so we went with it and started having s** and eventually started having a torrid affair, and that affair is still going on after 6 years. Yes, you're right: the taboo of it is TOTALLY part of the thrill of it. It is soooooooo wrong but it is soooooooo good.

  • 1 problem we're both virgins and we're both over 18, im not going that far

  • Just f*** the s*** out of her!

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