Never thought it would be me

I was the youngest of 4 and just adored my older brother. I used to hang on him and try to be with him all the time. I guess I was just looking for affection I wasn't getting elsewhere.

One Saturday everyone else was gone and my brother was sleeping in. I went upstairs and tried to climb in bed with him to snuggle. He stopped me and told me he wasn't wearing any pajamas. Instead of saying "sorry" and leaving, I instead pulled off my nightshirt exposing my just budding b****.

He said, "I'm not wearing any" and I shyly slipped off my panties. I got in and was amazed at how warm he was. We cuddled naked and it felt so good. I never felt a p**** ever, but I was now feeling one poking against my butt cheek.

As I started to doze off, my brother started to move his hands, and very quickly he was touching me where I knew he wasn't supposed to. I was the one the one who caused all this, and so I didn't know what to do.

Eventually he turned me over and started kissing me while rubbing against me. He positioned his p**** against my slit and rubbed back and forth until he e********* on the outside of my v*****.

His kisses felt so good, but I knew we had gone to far. I went and cleaned up and we never talked about it again.

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  • I would have c** in your hairless underage p****, my youngest was 8 best f*** I ever had

  • Sounds like you and bro had a pretty awesome experience together, but your not the only one, so don't let it get you down that kind of sexual experience happens more then you know and there is nothing wrong or bad about it, you knew you wanted his attention and affection even if it meant in a sexual nature and I admire the fact that you admit that you were the one who caused it all and that is very healthy by being responsible for your choice's and actions should keep you free from feeling any guilt and help you to accept it for what it was, simply the pleasurable curiosity of a child and the reception of pleasure by an older sibling or an adult.

  • I don't know, I would have called my self budding up through freshman year, I was a late bloomer. And I was way better at grammar than my Dad who was 30+ years older than me.

    That said, the choice of words make you think she was looking to entice.

  • If this is recent. You can still get pregnant because he e********* on your v*****..... Budding b****? You must be pretty young to still be budding, and obviously I think this is a troll, because if you were budding, which would be before entering hs, you probably wouldn't be able to write with that grammer level. And older brother? Sorry, you've got 3 older siblings...

  • I agree with your assessment

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