I'm engaged to a great guy but one that

I'm engaged to a great guy but one that doesn't know how to take control. He lives to please me and It's getting old. I want a man to be strong, and able to run a family but he's weak minded and a people pleaser. He's cute, good in bed, I have a great and beautiful ring and he wants to get married as soon as possible but i don't think i do. Sometimes I think of cheating on him to just get that control and take charge attitude from another man, just physically I guess, maybe that would be satisfying. but i don't want to cheat, I hate drama and that's how my first marriage ended. Plus I love big d**** and he's just average but he can eat p**** like a champ. Is this a love thing or a sexual thing? I am 31, a nurse, so i'm not stupid but i need to either fix this or end this. He knows the kind of man he needs to be in order for me to marry him but he'sn ot changing at all. Maybe i need a different kind of man completely. He doesn't satisfy my intellect, but he satisfies me in other small ways like being at my beck and call. Am I selfish? Do I expect too much? There's only one man I truly ever loved and he's married to someone else so i just think maybe i should marry him cuz i can't have the one i want for real. Am I not thinking right? Is this hopeless. Can a marriage work if i don't truly love him as much as i could?

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  • ^^ amen!

    "I have a beautiful ring"???
    f*** you, you're a nasty w****.

  • What a w****! You are giving your e-mail to these pervs online??????? You definitely do not deserve this man! Send him on to a REAL woman who can appreciate and love him as he deserves.

  • When you get married, it should be for love, not l***. In my opinion, you have a good man, and 90% of women would kill for a guy like yours! You will be happier in the long run with him, but if you feel like you don't want to get married because of the ridiculous reasons you have described, you do not deserve a man like that. Also, have you ever TOLD him what you need from him (sexually)? Men are far from mind readers hunny!

  • Why do women think they can change a man? Only a guy can change himself. And only if he wants to.

    What he might need is a confidence boost. If there any rock climbing wall courses, or wilderness survival camps he can check out? It could foster confidence and self reliance. Also, if he's pushed into a leadership role, it'll be up to him to take charge and other such traits. That might transfer to your relationship. Have you asked him to be aggressive in the bedroom? Beg him to control you. He just might get into it. That is, if you want a secret Top.

  • Well request me as a friend then.

  • Hey I checked out your myspae page and you are hot.

  • Hi if you want biger c**** don;t marry him. I could give you something to spin your world on but don't know whare you are.

  • Listen, don't marry the guy, it sounds like he needs someone maybe a little less you. Some people live to please, some don't, and as for the professional accountant I'm sorry but every woman I know thats married one has either cheated or divorced them sport, sorry, but apparently all you guys can do is count from what I've heard. I'm sure you're different though, an "A" personality and all that, you guys crack me up!

  • ^^

    Oh yeah, I also have 6-7" of a nice thick d*** for you to ride..:))

  • Hey, I am 37, have a masters degree in Finance, and am a professional Accountant. I am very intellectual, I take charge, I am VERY strong. I have a high paying finance position with a multi billion dollar org. I am an "A" personality. So, the "take charge"attitude is not a problem. I would have you eating from my hand, and I'd still spoil you rotten...I could stimulate you physically and intellectually... Would you like that??

  • Save both of you a lot of trouble and don't marry this guy unless you are sure!

  • Hey I'm pretty sure you not the greatest woman in the world yourself. There's probably some things about you he doesn't like and by way with your attitude you are going to more then likely end up alone. If you can't appreciate that you have a good man and leave him you have to right to cry and moan when the new more aggressive man yet he doesn't cater to you. Unless you change your attitude it's over leave him and let him find somebody worthy of his kind of love.

  • You should see a therapist about this problem. Sounds like to me that you don't really feel like you deserve a man that treats you well. But if that is not the case, you need to break it off asap. You're setting both of yourselves up for a life of misery, and that's not fair to either of you. And heaven forbid that you have children together someday and they grow up thinking this is what marriage is like. Something to think about....

  • If you go into this relationship feeling like you're settling for second best, nothing will ever get any better. Everyone has things about them that could stand improvement, but if you find yourself dwelling on those then I don't think you two will ever mesh completely.

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