People with downs syndrome creep me the h*** out. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I can't be around them, something about their face and the way they move and talk just unnerves me in some fundamental way. I can't deal with it. In general retarded people make me feel like that, but downs syndrome especially. Like I know it's not their fault, but that doesn't change how creepy they are to me.

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  • The worst ones, Downies or not, are the ones that are clearly f***** up but are just wily enough to play that card to get away with all kinds of disgusting crap. They're smart enough to break into locked places, steal panties, make a pile of them and then j*** off into them, but when the cops come it's all "happy herpy derpy buddy" time. Then the cops, who aren't much smarter than Spedley, go easy on them and those who have to live with the defective creature every day are ignored when they tell those cops that this kid ain't right in the head. They only get what they deserve when they flip out to the point that they make the national news, like that Sky Walker tard.

  • They creep me out too. I think it's something biological, but it's still not really a good excuse, but we're not all perfect. Don't mean to sound mean but one time we were visiting a town with lots of beaches and we were staying at a hotel, and the people next to our room had a teenager who was kinda retarded but DAYUM that poor guy looked like he was from the Hills Have Eyes, and he followed me and my sister everywhere we went. One time he even got into our room, my sister was asleep but I saw the door open realllllly slowly and his deformed head popped through, horror movie scene style, I almost s*** my pants. But he was harmless. The explanation is that people dont like people who don't look healthy and they cant help it, it's certainly nobody's fault, just the way life is.

  • Worlds full of unfortunant people. In the long run everybody gets creepy at one point in their life.

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