I love getting fatter

I just love being fat and slowly getting fatter. I've always been a big girl but really got into being a fatty right after high school. I guess it was the sudden lack of peer pressure, just my friends who didn't care how much I weighed. I have steadily been gaining about 10-12 pounds a year--nothing dramatic, just steadily. I was right around 200 pounds (5'5") when I got married. My husband likes fat women, so he does nothing to discourage my overeating. Well, I've been married for 18 years now and hit 400 pounds a couple of days ago. My husband loves it and I simply don't care how fat I get. Problem is, over the last few years, I've gotten health problems. First high cholesterol, but I take a pill for that, so I don't worry about it. Next, high blood pressure, but I don't worry about that either because I take 2 pills for that. This year, I got diabetes. That worried me, because while I take pills for that now, my doctor said I might have to start taking insulin shots. Yikes! I hate needles. I just keep hoping it won't come to that, because I am not very excited about losing weight or no longer gaining.

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  • Eating Poo is a fetish too but it doesn't necessarily make it a good F'n idea!

  • Just guessing your American? Be as fat as you want if your not living on my or the back of anyother tax payer by disability benefits, food stamps and earned income tax credit. Don't complain when you have to buy two plane seats to travel.

  • I mean.. its fine to be comfortable in your own skin (there is nothing wrong with being fat).
    however do be careful as all these pills your taking can still have an impact on your health - there are side affects for almost every pill.

    Also, diabetes is very serious and needles are also very scary. Just be careful with the decision that you are making!

  • Each to their own. I like the anorexic look. Basically I starve my self and my wife and kids. We do lots of exercise. Really restrict our food. We all weigh ourselves each day and mark the weight on a chart on the wall. If one of us says we are hungry the rest chime in with "and lovin it".

  • I Hate the media theyre fat bashing bullies they make us hate our bodies telling us that thin is the way to be and TLC prays on that weakness making s***** reality shows like 600pound life and my big fat fabulous life, the media claims to be against bullying but yet they get away with it because of how rich they are it disgusts me that nobody has stopped those as*holes. anon

  • I'm the original poster. What a great story, bbwlover. I'm very glad you guys are happy. That's all that really matters in the end.

  • I know I said im a FA but im more then that when I met my wife 4 years ago she was thin and mocked plus size people which I found distasteful so 2 years ago we started seeing a therapist little did she know it was a 'special' therapist that dealt in changing ones personality. Since then she has learned to love her curves and no longer mocks people instead accepts them for who they are she is my feedee shes 5'5 and just over 400lbs but we do stay active and get monthly doctor visits to maintain her health and mobility and we understand and can differenciate reality from fantasy it feels wrong to change who she was but also feels right we're very happy together and I think thats what really matters.- bbwlover

  • I'm a 22 year old stay at home mom with a 3 year old. I'm 5'7" and 272 pounds at the moment. Had diabetes of pregnancy but not now. I love to cook a s*** load of food every 2-3 days and then for the next few days take a stool and just open the fridge and sit in front of it for a while and graze. I typically will sit in front of the open fridge for 30-45 min and just eat. I like it because there are no portions, so I find that I eat more. If you are into gaining, you should try it.

  • I hope child welfare takes your child away you sick fat piece of s*** f***.

  • If youre not into our fetish then dont comment on it nobody cares if you hate. A woman can be big and beautiful and if you dont like it then move dont waste your breath hating on us. -bbwlover

  • This is a sick and disgusting "fetish". Go back to whatever trailer park you came from.

  • I'm what is called a feeder, someone who loves to get stuffed by someone for the purposes of getting fatter. I'm certainly in the neighborhood of your weight but a bit shorter. I'm diabetic with insulin shots. It's not that bad. In fact, I cheat and inject more insulin than I need, which makes my hypoglycemic and real hungry so I can eat more. I have really packed on the pounds since I started insulin. I say, keep gaining and don't stress. If you get to the point of needing insulin, and you might not, your husband can give you the shots if you can't do it yourself.

  • You're sick. I hope you don't have any children. What a disgusting fetish.

  • If you don't do something to improve your health, you could be shopping for a coffin. And since you're so large, it will have to be a very large coffin and a large plot. I'm really not trying to be funny or mean..but if you don't take care of yourself that is your alternative. Your husband can think your weight is great. And he can love you, but is he prepared to bury you? Are you prepared? Fetishes are great, and like the other commenter said..if it it begins to to threaten your livelihood you need to really make some changes. Do you have children? Figure out what's important to you and make changes to make a difference. Your body is telling you it's shutting down. Losing weight is going to be difficult, but doable. But you like to eat and most likely have other emotional reason for overeating. But if you're serious, your doctor could put you on a program. Hope you'll look into it so you can be here for a long time to come.

  • Im big into feederism and i love women like you im a FA myself, but i have to agree Health before fetish, good luck. -bbwlover

  • Health before fetishes always! You only have one body.

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