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My wife came home late last night she was obviously drinking alot. She took her clothes off and got in bed and told me she was so h**** and really wanted my to eat her. She climbed on me and started rubbing her wetness in my face and it got really hot. I eat her really deep and i was amazed how wet she was. She orgasmed twice all over my face and in my mouth. After she gave me head and really went all out doing it! After we layed there she asked me if she tasted good to me i told her yes really good. Then she dropped the bomb and told me she has s** with two men before she came home and it turned her on that i was eating her because they both came in her!

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  • I have read six posts on this site and only one of them was a true confession. The rest of the them were second rate versions of old Penthouse letters. I thought I would actually be reading confessions from conflicted individuals, not third rate p***.

    However, if that’s what people like…

  • I love eating c** out of my wife and I encourage her to have s** with other people

  • Ur a loser

  • Love the taste and smell

  • Could spend all niter eating a good used p****

  • I did that with my first wife. then with. a couple of girlfriends

  • I was liking it till the end, then almost threw up in my mouth.

  • Wow, I thought only my wife did this. I do not eat the leftovers but I do so encourage her to run around then when she comes home I get my turn. I just love the sl***y seconds. I think it is the best s** ever.

  • This is utter sh*t, what self-respecting man with a shred of sanity wants to eat a stranger's runny j***? Seriously. S** is about survival of the fittest and if you're bowing down to another man owning your wife and you take the lukewarm sloppy seconds you deserve it. It's one thing to eat your own c*m out of your wife but some random stranger who could be giving you an STD right in your mouth? Thanks for contributing to the decline of society.

  • It's impossible to explain to anyone's satisfaction, but it's nonetheless true. Knowing that you are married to a woman who is so sexually aggressive and just generally sexually ravenous is a turn-on in and of itself, but having the evidence right in front of your nose, entering your mouth, running over your c*** or leaking out onto your sheets is even more exciting. There's really nothing like it. I love my wife's infidelity and her hunger. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

  • Other people usually don’t understand but I encourage my wife to date and have s** with whoever she wants. My only rules are not to get romantically involved, no bosses and never clenup afterwards. I just want to know about the details afterwards

  • Some bad news: you are gay, bro.

  • My first wife used to do this to me. She'd go out drinking, let herself get picked by some stranger whose name she didn't even know, and then come home with his juices dripping out of her. I tried to cope with her being a s***, but I finally had to divorce her. Good f****** riddance!

  • i finally got tired of my husbands racist bullshit so i started dating a black guy from work and now i bring home his s**** to my husband and have him unknowingly eat it up!

  • Nice! Keep that cuckold in his place! Wish I could help you feed him, I got a fat c*** that loves married p****!

  • I have a black friend I take my wife to when she gets drunk and he ducks her twice and fills her with his seed then I take her

  • So f****** hot! Tell me more please!

  • I'm married and f****** a 37 year old little bitty petite woman I use to work with. She's married and I send her home once a week to her unsuspecting hubby with my c** in her p****. When were f******, she tells me not to c** in her p**** but before we finish, she's so h**** she pleads for me to c** in her p**** deep so she can carry it home to him for later lubercation for his own d*** and just thinks she's good and wet from excitement. I've been f****** his wife now for about six years then coming home and sticking my dried p**** soaked d*** in my wife's p**** and giving her what little c** I've had time to muster up in those b**** of mine.

  • so funny but thats what I do to my husband too! he thinks my wetness is just from him working me up to be hot and nasty for just him! how stupid is that! its all i can do to keep from laughing when he gets the sloppy seconds or actually swallows the cream from other men who have had me that same day or night!

  • My wife thinks I don't know, but the guy she's seeing told me. I pretend not to know

  • Omg yes! Tell me more! I want to try that so f****** bad!

  • is the same for me. i just loving coming home to my husband with a t*** full of bf's cream. too sexy!

  • I have done this to my husband numerous times since we got married a couple years ago and I loved it. The cheating is thrilling enough, but feeding him fresh c** from another man's c*** without him knowing just makes me feel so deliciously decadent. Yummmm!

  • I think that a woman should be able to do it any time she wants and I also think that the husband should be happy to clean her up. My wife has had s** with more than me and truth be known I would rather her go get some and me clean her up than getting it myself. she told me of this one guy who was so big it made her bleed the first couple times but after that I was eating his leftovers but anyway she said he has a 10 incher I had to meet him we're good friends now and he don't know what I know

  • What if he is secretly doing it to you with another woman's pussie and you don't even know it?

  • LOL. You'd have to know my husband to understand why that is funny, but it is.

  • I wish MY wife was even HALF this hot! You are a VERY lucky man!

  • Wow...your wife sounds like a good time. did it turn you on or off knowing she had f***** two other guys?

  • How did her confession make you feel? Do you have an open marriage? If not, then she was telling you that you are now a cuckold. Personally I wouldn't put up with that, but every guy has their own opinion of what they need to do. If you don't put a stop to it now, she will be out f_ucking any guy that she wants. Once women start doing this, they become complete s****

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