My only secret


We live in a joint family.I had a bet with my cousin sister once and whoever will lost will do what the other will like(anything).Unfortunately,I lost the bet.She asked me to remove by shirt and innerwear.I was just wearing the boxers now.She wanted them to remove by herself.I requested her to change her request and I can do something else.I was also resistant and tried to evade the whole thing.I tried to move to another room as only we twp were only in the house that day.She did not let me run and somehow grabbed me and pulled me down on the floor forcefully and stripped my boxers.I was completely naked now.She kept staring at the space between my legs and my erection and my b**** and asked me to stand up.She then grabbed my shirt and innerwear also so that I could not cover up.I was naked in front of her for atleast 20-25 minutes.I had never an embarassment more than this in my life.She took my clothes away and kept hanging around around the room.

After some 10-15 minutes she returned and wanted herself to put my clothes as a part of the bet,especially the boxers.I wore my innerwear myself.The most embarrasing part was that my erection was at it's peak at that time and I was in complete shame when she was staring at it non stop. She stared at my legs, and everywhere as it was her first time also as she was also usually shy before this.

At last,when I was standing on the bed ,she asked me to pull both the legs up one by one so that she can cover me up.My p**** was in front of her face.But she had now enough of it.She covered me and even touched my organ with her hand.

After a few hours she came and said sorry as to what happened between us and asked if anything she could do for me.She was now repentent. I requested her not to tell this to any one in the family,the only thing she could do.The only price of my honor.

I was not able to face her eye to eye for a few months.Later we both moved on.That happened way back in 2002 She is married now.

Dec 14, 2014

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