I am Not Kidding

I am pregnant and my Farther-n-law is the father! Please wait before you judge me, he took advantage of me! My husband of eight years doesn't know.. no body knows except you people. I had to tell someone I had to get out what had happened I don't know what to do let alone what I am going to do! I love my husband, I love his family but how can I possibly get the truth out? The life I wanted is over:(

Dec 17, 2014

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  • There really is nothing sexier in life than carrying the child of one man while being married to another, and the husband has no idea, even after the baby arrives! I say enjoy that feeling (which I know first-hand, although not via my father-in-law), tell no one, and just relish the knowledge that your child really is just YOURS, and not your husband's, throughout his life! Just that by itself is a sexy feeling, but who knows what the future holds? You may decide later than you actually want an LTR with your father-in-law! And how sexy would THAT be! Enjoy your pregnancy and your intense sexuality!

  • Wow you are fn screwed up.

  • Oh yeah, nothing sexier than a rape baby! /sarcasm

  • She doesn't even use the word "rape" or "force", nor indicate any trickery having been used. "Taking advantage" is a long way from any notion of physical restriction or even a lack of consent. It seems to me that, based on what we know, the man simply "took advantage" of the relationship between the two of them. He may have even taken advantage of the certain knowledge that she wanted him inside her young body, "certain" because she told him so. I have no idea of what factual circumstances may have led to her pregnancy, but the possibilities would include his being somewhat dominant and her being somewhat submissive, and that she enjoyed "being taken" by someone in the family and being given what she wanted: hot s** that triggers the taboo of cheating on one's spouse, resulting in an illegitimate child. My post was simply meant to focus her on the positive possibilities that exist, and that she might eventually enjoy them. My guess is that she already enjoys them and just won't admit it. The whole situation is just slathered in delicious familial l*** and secret love.

  • Your brain is in seriously bad shape.

  • This post brings up a really sad point (in addition to all the points already mentioned). The sad thing is that when any of this sort of thing is reported the authorities go overboard and break up families. There is no working through feelings. No room for someone to be punished and to express remorse. Its just find someone guilty abd throw them in jail and put all the kids in foster care.

    I wish i had never told my friend that my father ....

  • Sounds cliche but I don't believe you.Everybody here can hate me all they want.The original poster here simply states that "he took advantage of me!" How really is not explained and has not been explained. We need to stop putting words into this woman's mouth and planting ideas in her head.There is nothing in her post to indicate she was raped,seduced,coerced,etc. Why are most people here deducing that such happened?The woman might have had an affair with the father in-law,got knocked up and is now crying wolf.I like the women who posted about how they have kids with other men and make hubbies think they are the fathers.I have been looking for such women my whole adult life and I have not found one.I have taken many married women to bed-I just have never been able to knock one up. I want to get someone's wife pregnant so badly.

  • Ugh. It's true that if you report the rape, life as you know it will be permanently changed. But your life is permanently changed now anyway. If you tell, it doesn't mean a bad change..but it will be a change. You're already a survivor. But you don't have to be a victim. Aside from what others will think, it will be you who has to live with this. Every time you look at this child, they will be a constant reminder. And what's going to stop this man from attacking you again? Chances are this wasn't the first time your father in law took something that wasn't his. He's probably done it to other women..he obviously doesn't think anything is wrong with his actions. What will you do the next time? So you can either tuck it away or you free your self and take a stand. But the choice has to be yours. There's no guarantee that the father would receive any jail time. Do what's best for you.

  • I have a son that was fathered by a man I was cheating on my husband with. My hubby is in the army and I got pregnant while he was deployed. Fortunately, a day or two after I found out I was preggo, he returned home, and I made sure we had lots of s**, so he thinks he is the father. I of course will never tell him who the father is. It is my son, and he loves him, and that's all that matters.S Some day I will have a child with my husband too. You should just have the baby and let your husband think it's his. In a way, it is his, genetically speaking.

  • What a piece of scum

  • I have two kids that my husband believes he fathered. He fathered neither one: two other men did that. But I'll never tell my husband that, or tell the two other men. You should do the same: tell no one that your baby doesn't belong to your husband. Just enjoy the memory of having had his father between your legs and that he gave you a baby. Be happy.

  • At least till he finds out and he will...

  • ^Did you read the part where he took advantage of her? Doesn't sound like some enjoyable moment.

  • I think its sexy and you should have the baby. Very sexy.

  • The subject/victim of you freaks' insane desires is an actual
    _human_, you fucktards. Pure evil.

  • How did he take advantage of you??? IF you can't live with not letting your husband know. I suggest you tell him asap. If not just have the baby and your husband will never know. If he does not know he won't care. It's a matter if you can live with it.

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