My dream death

I want to die in a car accident
About a year or some time ago, I read a book where the main character went through something like that. I thought it was great. She was in the passenger seat and died on impact. After that, she kept on reliving the day and so on. Not interested in the last part. If ur gonna die, die- my view.
There are some things I'd like to be different though. I don't want to have other people with me, I dont want another person to feel guilt over my death- which was why this appealed to me in the first place. A painless way to leave that doesn't leaves as little as I can.

Not really planning to do this but if it happens, this would be ideal...

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  • Was the book called 'before I fall' or at least something along that line?

  • My dream death. Is to f*** a nice young s*** when I'm in my late 70's Wait make that 2 s****. Take a ton of V***** and extacy. Then just die when I c**. I may just do this when the time comes. I'll just head to Thailand.

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