In love with 2 men

I am in live with my husband and my first love, been secretly messaging the first love on Facebook for a month and everything he says makes me want him more and more, but my husband is a hardworking good man, my mind is going crazy

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  • Yep the f***** up nature of your relationship wasn't quite clear, was it? Keep cheating on each other until you both realize there is no hope for the two of you.

  • okay so i just wanted to paint a better picture, me and my husband are common law we have been together since i was 16 but before him i was with my first love i cheated on him with my now hubby so we didnt really end, Also when i was pregnant with my first child i caught my so called husband with another girl and he was secretly calling girls behind my back, i always thought of the day when i could get revenge on him but it just doesnt feel good, but everytime i think about what he did to me i dont feel so bad anymore. but I am not talking to the old flame no more, revenge isnt sweet at all, my man is also the kind of hard working man where he expects to come home to a clean house and supper on the table, i do everything a like clean,cook,watch the kids. and he drinks alot so he gets to do whatever he wants, all i want is his attention and that what the old flame gave me. jus someone to talk to he said things i wish my man did, so thats my story just wanted to make it clear

  • Im going though the same thing

  • thanks for your opinions I have cancelled my facebook account and blocked the old flame, I know I was just talking to him and that was wrong, I dont know what i was thinking

  • You've already crossed a line, you're cheating on your husband. Would you like it if he was chatting up an old flame on Facebook. Probably not. Your "first love" ended a long time ago for a reason. If you are unwilling to work on your marriage and want to take a chance and pursue it, then do the right thing and divorce your husband. He deserves to be with a woman who's not a cheater. There are no guarantees that it will work with this past flame or even be better then your marriage. It's a fantasy.

  • i know everyone wants what they connot have, but at least have the decencey to break it off before you decide to persue sed "first love". no one likes a cheater

  • Doesn't sound like "hardworking good man" has all you want in a man. First love is obviously trying to get a piece. If you serve it up don't throw away husband on the hope first love will be forever love. He may end up being hardworking good man too once the excitement of the forbidden has worn off. And he may just be out for some action.

  • Dear Frnd,
    Do not do this, husband and wife live their life on trust. Do not break the trust. However, talk to your husband and improve your s** life, by going in for threesome and then open s** with others. The thing is that he should know of it. You will find that life becomes more exciting than this

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