I'll always be interested in girls only, but I'm beginning to really fricken hate them. Seems like every one ends up being a 2-sided b****. They'll be nice to see you one second, and maybe say they'd like to be friends with you, and then treat you like s***/pretend you're invisible the next. And always stuck in their own little world, afraid to let someone else in. Never notice a good guy in their life. Then others, all they care about is getting a hangover & being a s***.

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  • All women are fukkking nuts beyond belief, dude.

  • Not all women are b****** or two faced.. just as we can't lump all men together. Sure, you like what you like. But sometimes what you like isn't going to be into you. So, why don't you change where you're meeting these women that continually disappoint you. You're going after the wrong girls. Maybe you're overlooking the nice girl that is never noticed because you're too busy looking at girls who aren't in your league. And when it comes right down to it.. why would you want to date someone you don't have anything in common with or sounds like they're high maintenance.

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