I want to kill myself

I want to kill myself

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  • Lol me too.

  • Please don't. Just wait it out. The feeling will pass.

  • Seek help,or just run away to another town and start over.

  • I have had suicidal thoughts before, after I started cutting. My parents found out that I was cutting and got very mad at me, they are mean to me when they aren't angry but this made it worse. Problems at home and I was having issues with school, nobody liked me but my two friends but I was always the third wheel and they left me out of everything. I was on the verge of killing myself, and then I thought about what I would lose. I didn't think about what would go away that is anted to go away, I thought about what i would miss and if anyone would miss me. I realized that I couldn't leave my sister for she was the only person who liked me, but I couldn't tell her about the cutting she would be so dissapointed she found out with my parents and was very nice but made sure I would never do it again, and I knew that I couldn't leave her. I also knew that I loved dance even if I didn't like the people in it. So I stopped cutting and really put everything into dance. It turns out that I got a small special part in the dance, and I helped my sister through a bad relationship and into a new better one. My sister is getting married now, dance is still there, and I'm starting to be left out less often with friends. What you need to do is take a moment, and think about not what you want to leave behind, but what you really care about, and if it's worth leaving that to leave the bad things too. I understand and I have been in your situation. But no one besides you can make tha decision.

  • Always wait 24 hours before you kill yourself, you will always feel better after the wait.

    And the other poster is right, the suicide thoughts go away and you soon wonder why you ever had them in the first place.

    Also, get busy with something.

  • Remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. there's a better cure than ending this now.

  • You won't believe me, but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is 10 years from now you will wonder why you ever had that much disdain for your life.

    It really does get better. It gets clearer. It will always be hard work, that is life, but 10 years from now this all will seem minor.

  • I know it's hard to withstand the urge, but please don't take you life because some basterd(s) hate you or for any other reason. You life is more precious than anything else and you rule it not anyone else.

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