I know. I know. **.

Get home at 330 am. He drove his friend's truck home, missed the turn. I Worried the entire way he was going to get pulled over again. Drunk and with no license. We were supposed to take a cab home, otherwise woulda made an excuse to go home so he wouldn't look bad. We can't afford this. I can't afford this. With his fines I might as well have stayed in Vancouver. Especially scary, we get home. He cracks us some beer and we go for a smoke. He buts his smoke out early. I go in and he's passed out on the bed. Literally 5 minutes after parking he's comatose. I seriously can't do this. I'm not some stupid teenager. And I'm going out with one. The bad kind. The ones who think they're invincible.

Next Confession

I aborted my husband's baby

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  • >>"I'm not some stupid teenager."

    You sure act like it!!

  • Is "he" dead yet? (please say yes)

  • It's cruel, but I can't help thinking that people who drive drunk wrap their car around a tree instead of killing someone else.

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