Male doctor pressing my wife's breast

Yesterday I had to visit the doctor for my wife with some pain on her b******. In the clinic she had to remove her top and bra. With his gloved hands the doctor pressed her bare b****** in my presence and I could see her nipples hardening. Seeing some male pressing my wife's b****** my c*** got hard with an excitement as he was testing. I checked whether the doctor is also having and hard c***. But in his gown it was not clear. I thought if it was gyno and he had to check her p**** what would be my condition. I may have c** in my pants. Have any one had such experience ?

Oct 11, 2020

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  • My wife hurt her back, so we went to the urgent care clinic. I went in with her, the Doctor was an older guy, a bit fat. He told her he would need to examine, gave a robe and had her undress completely which I thought was a bit much but after all, he was a physician.
    He checked her bare back, the robe was open in the rear, had her lie face down on the small table and was pilling the gown aside as he touched her all over, asking if it hurt. Then he had her turn over, pulled the gown up and bared her completely right in front of me. At the foot of the table, he first pushed her right leg up which really spread her out, asked again and she said yes and pointed to her other hip, so he repeated that over on the other side.
    I had thought that Doctors used way more draping than that, this guy sure didn't. She was mostly naked for at least ten minutes, at one point he was pushing his fingers into the flesh of her inner thigh so high I almost looked like he had his finger in her, although he didn't, just close.
    No nurse in the room either, but my wife was not bothered one bit.
    At home I questioned that, she said, "Oh, he is just a Doctor."
    I still think that was a bit much. He did diagnose a pulled muscle, with some pain pills she was fine in a week,

  • I love going to the doctor

    I get wet during my gyno exam. Once I got my doctor to f*** me

  • I love it when a guy puts a couple of fingers in my wife. Climax guaranteed

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