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Okay I need some people's opinion on this. So there's a new game out called Trivia Crack, and everyone in my class has been playing it, so they ended up convincing my super hot teacher (whose married) to get the app and play them on it. I avoided playing him because everyone was playing him, but eventually i gave in and decided to challenge him to a game. I ended up losing by one point. He then chatted me on the app and said, "you where a worthy opponent." I said "i am a little mad i lost." " how about a rematch if your not to scared?" He replied, "not scared haha, out of lives." And that was it.

The next day at school, i was a little late to class(i walked in as the bell was ringing) When i walked passed his desk he asked me to hand out some papers for him, which suprised me because there was a full class room filled with people. When i was finished handing out the papers, i gave the extras back to him. When i handed them to him, he gave me a look and grabbed them from me. When we were finished with our test he called me over to his desk, and started criticizing my essay i wrote the day before. When he was done talking to me about it i sat down and waited for him to call someone else up to talk to them about their essays but he never did. Just me. I talked to some friends about the chat thing and they all said that he never chatted them on the app. So do you think he's attracted to me? I'm really confused and could use some imput.

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  • Omg i love trivia crack and i say go with your gut:)

  • NOPE

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