I have this "weird" kink...

So, a long time ago I started using this app called "Amino" when I was looking for an RPG for my phone. I had been grounded from my PC and was about 12-14 years old then, so I didn't really bother looking at the pictures or the reviews for the app when I had searched up "Roleplay Game". Anyways, I get on it, realize it's not what I wanted, but decided I'd give it a chance anyways. So, I make my account and hop into a RP community and try my hand at Roleplaying. Everything was normal until one member asked me if I ever tried doing a "G/T" Roleplay. Didn't know what it was, so he moved on to ask if I was into "vore" even though I just told him I didn't even know what G/T meant, let alone what the ** vore was. So, he explains to me that G/T stands for "Giant and Tiny" and explains what micro (oral) vore is-which, in a RP, is when a macrophile (or a giant(ess)) orally consumes a tiny person, or a micro. (Most of the time, people will RP this nonfatally.)
I thought it was weird at first, but now, years later, I've found myself being turned on by it as well, even though I'm aware it's impossible. I think it's more of a dominance or ** thing to be honest, but I'm not entirely sure. All I know is, I tend to RP this quite often now-whether it's for at night, or just for a cute and wholesome scene in a Roleplay.

Sep 19

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