My wife and more

I walked in on my wife having s** with my son. He isn't biologically hers. He is my ex wife's son. My current wife has been his step mom since he was 8. He is now 16 and legal for consent in my state. I got home from work around 10:30 pm. I got off sooner than I thought I would. I needed to have my clothes clean for the morning so I got naked and put my clothes in the washer and then walked to the bedroom naked. I heard my wife moaning and figured she was masturbating. She has a couple toys that she likes to use. No big deal. I encourage her to m*********. I walked into the bedroom and she was on her hands and knees getting f*****. She was sweaty. Her t*** were bouncing back and forth as she got her p**** pounded. They both looked over at me. My son looked startled. My wife didn't. She said, "Hi honey. Good day at work?" I said, "Wasn't bad. So, uh, what is this?" She said, "I'll explain after. Can you give us a little bit. We shouldn't be too much longer."

I tried watching tv but couldn't get the image of my son f****** his step mom. She came into the den about 15 minutes later. She was wearing a white silk robe that wasn't tied. She was wearing nothing else. I could see her cleavage and her p****. She said, "Take those off." I took off the only thing I had on, my boxers. She got in my lap facing me. She slid my d*** in her p****. His c** was still inside her. I said, "So, you and Jason have fun?" She said, "He came into the bedroom while I was masturbating. I couldn't hide it. My legs were spread wide and I was really going for it. He wanted to know about s**. He had too many questions for me to answer with words so I asked if he wanted me to show him."

Jan 2, 2015

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  • I know, I know. I'm from W. Virginia...Ok, now that everyone's had a laugh... My best friend has regular s** with his step-mom. He says his dad knows and doesn't care as long as he isn't home when they f***.

  • If this is a true story. I find it hot. It's already been done and nothing you can do about it. I would enjoy tagging your wife. Maybe bring another girl in the mix since she now owes you. Don't fret over it, love your wife and think of it as s**.

  • Thats the best way to show the boy about s**, i hope he get to bang her more often, such a lucky kid

  • I find this disgusting. I have a step son who I have known since 3. Doesn't matter if he isn't blood he is still my son smh.

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