A shared body

Three months ago my husband brought a friend ( John)of his home from the weekend out camping and told me he was going to stay with us for awhile and he cold sleep on the couch.
During dinner we talked a lot and one time he placed his hand on my thigh and began to give me a little message which felt awfully good to me
After dinner I brought out a extra pillow and blanket and told him if he needed another blanket to let me know and I returned to my chair and started in watching a movie my hubby had put in the player. No more than 10 minutes went by and it became a XXX movie, should have guessed by the title but I didn't catch it and my eyes was glued to the screen for my hubby and I watch these kind of movies then we act out things that we want to and the movie became hot and heavy and it was getting to me and I noticed John was watching me not the Tv. The movie was getting to me like they always do and I tried to fight off the feelings but couldn't and I began to squirm in my chair and I came and I managed to hide it fairly well but as I looked towards John I saw a smile come to his lips and I couldn't help it a little smile came to mine as well and I* watched the movie. *I didn't have to turn my head to see John and I noticed he started in rubbing his crotch and a bulge formed in his pants and he began rubbing it more and more taking his hand away so I could see and I caught myself looking at him more and more and I caught myself moving my hips pressing back into the chair and I was getting aroused, I came again but this time I know John knew for there was no hiding it. Afterwards I looked over at Gary ( my hubby) and he was what appeared to be sound asleep which he did often during these movies. John also watch me looking and he raised his hips and much to my surprise he unzipped his pants exposing him self to me and I gasp, oh what a beautiful c***, a good 8 inches and Gary had only a shy and I formed a wow with my lips and John began to stroke himself slow as I watched and he asked with his lips if I liked what I was looking at I answered yes with my lips but no sounds came from either of our mouths, I excused myself I told him I had to go pee and I slipped into the bathroom. I did and I threw my panties and bra into the hamper and I didn't bother buttoning up my blouse all the way exposing my b****** at the slightest move. I opened the door to return to the den and John met me in the hall way took hold of me turned me around and our lips met and our tongues explored each others mouths and his hands explored my b****** and he began to play with my nipples making them even harder than they were sending messages throughout my whole body and I felt his body pressing even harder against mine and his c*** began to rub against my pelvic and he began to rub himself against me. His hands left my b****** but his lips continued to press against mine and I felt him raise my skirt up and he placed his c*** between my legs and I really started in rubbing against him.
John unsnapped my skirt and it fell to the floor he picked me up and slid me down right onto his c*** for that's how wet I was and I started in c****** almost right away and he began to f*** me pinned against the wall and I forgot about Gary being in the other room and I must have c** on John's c*** 5 times before I felt his shove his c*** into me and held me tight against him as he shot his load into me and I could feel his c** running down the insides of my legs as he continued to give me even more then he held himself still our eyes met and we exchanged more kisses. I said we got to clean up before Gary wakes and catches up John continued to raise me up and slid me down on his still hard c*** and without saying a word his eyes close and his breathing became slow and deep I could tell he was about to c** again or he was enjoying me just as much as I was him, oh god my p**** was being stretched and I was loving every feeling I had for they were all new to me,0h going so deep into me I began to c** again and John must have known for he pulled me tight onto his c*** I was pressing down onto him and I came. Oh god did I ever, lightning bolts shot throughout my body I couldn't help my whole body felt like I was exploding parts of me flying in all directions as he continued to f*** me driving my orgazum to higher and higher levels My eyes opened and much to my surprise was Gary watching us with a big smile on his face.

Jan 2, 2015

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  • They need to spit you woman, one in front and one in your rear then moving in unison..

  • This has got to be my favourite confession yet.

  • Wow. This story has made me c*m multiple times

  • Hot!

    Lucky Gary.

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