Smell Matters

The biggest turnoff for me is when a guy smells. The smell from his sweat is unbearing even though deprdant was used. Would that be a legit reason for not being with someone?

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  • Lol, nothing worse than rally b**** roflmao

  • Sure is. Guys stink. Most of them anyway. If its not physical stink its attitude.

  • Yes, how someone smells can be a definite turn off. Is it a legit reason to break up with someone? Or are you just looking for a reason to break up? If you're in an intimate relationship with them, care about them and you're mature enough, you should be able to say something, anything. Of course, bringing it up would have to be delicate, but it can be done. No one wants to hear that they smell. And everyone sweats, including you. But even if someone uses deodorant or cologne and that is still is not helping, other health matters could be at play and they don't know. When something like this comes up in the future think what if it was you that smelled..or whatever the situation is. How would you want to be treated and would you want to hear.

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