Sniffing my employer

I have a small company of 12 to 13 emloyers..Our offiice is located newr the tropical part of the world and newe the coast.

I am 50 yrs and there this young girl, my employer who has been working with me for over 3 yrs..She is a very vivacious lady with great body and has a boy friend..I was always burning with jealously - as I am sure she has been f****** this guy since quiet long. Though I am her boss, at my age there was no way - I could get close to her and feel her. The summer afternoons at my office ( we dont use air-.conditioning quietn often to save on powrwe bills) are very hot , humid and sweaty. The job of this girl is to prepare reports and for this reason she used to sit on the same chair for more than 6 hours a day. I am normally the last one to exit the office- so I always had access
to every place . At first , it was just a casual sniff - which I enjoyed thoroughly. Later when I kept on continuing- the smells were differebt at diffrent times, sewt smell, p*** smell, ovulating smell , mesurating smell (this was that dank smell) and p*** not to forget. She left the office on some pety issue and I knew this is the lasr chance to sniif her intimate smells. I left no opportunity. As soon as she left- I exhaled completely and buried my face in the cloth cushion. Believe me- it was a free trip to heaven and back..I truly miss her - especially her scents.

May 15, 2021

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  • I do have this problem. If it's in direct violation of a real female (stealing) I think boundaries are being crossed there just a bit. For a variety of reasons I am assuming you are from the USA woman are told constantly to keep fresh down there, I like the smell of the V, if there is a way to not make it shameful and taboo to your own self than I think as long as you aren't breaking any laws (theft is theft even of panties) I get it, I don't think it's wrong to like it but if it's from a real person you do have to consider their boundaries and every time you look at them unfortunately consciously OR not can lead to consequences. Shame repeats itself and it's pretty tough to kick. I would seek help if it's really a problem. It can take a financial toll just a warning. Take care.

  • As others have clumsily tried to point out, you spelled "employee" wrong in "my employer who has been working with me"...

    I have a young lady working for me as the receptionist for our company. She seemed to take delight in talking to me in her "mom" voice and seeing how i reacted. I'd "yes ma'am" her, and quickly I was wrapped around her little finger. Once COVID made the company all remote we still communicate via Zoom but it's not the same.

  • We just pointed out his story is fake as all h***! Written by a young idiot!

  • First you said she is your 'employer who has been working with you' and then later you said ' I am her boss'! You are confused or a fake!! Sniff somewhere else!!

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