I pray she has another son

So I have two sons with this one lady who is much younger than I-she was telling me she loved and wanted me but secretly she wanted nothing to do with me except getting pregnant. We have been on and off for about 6 years and things just could not work.She has told me that am older and all she did was use me to get pregnant. She always wishes bad things to happen to me but I always wish her well, and help her as much as I can.For instance,I did whatever I could to help her and she is now a nurse, despite the fact that we were no longer together.We have joint custody of our sons now. She got married last month and could possible be pregnant right now.She told everybody she was getting married(most of her relative found out from her facebook posts) but hid it from me(she had no reason to tell me really).She wants a daughter really badly and thinks she will get one this time(she disliked daughters,including mine while we were together).I am praying she gets another son this time,and a daughter next time- so she can wait another year or two for what she really wants.I am not wishing her ill will,just wishing her deferred gratification.

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  • Update: I just got told today from a very reliable source that she is having another son.That means she will have to try again for a daughter.I am so happy for her.I am glad she has to wait awhile before she sees a daughter-she treated my daughters like trash and always says girls are nothing,its all about boys.She is triple blessed with boys now,lol. God is good all the time!

  • I think you are being far more forgiving and understanding and tolerant than about 99.9% of the population, and 100% of the male population. She sounds like a selfish and mean-spirited YOUNG girl, which may explain -- at least in part -- why her behavior is so totally adolescent and insecure. Mostly the latter. Young people think they know it all, and it takes them awhile to learn how little they really do know, and much of what they think they know is wrong. Eventually, she'll become a grown-up. And eventually, she'll come back to you and thank you for having been so good to her. And so good FOR her. Well done, my man.

  • Thanks for your kind comments.My late dad,my mom.daughters and friends say I have been exceptionally sweet and kind to this lady that eventually(sh is 31 now) she will come knocking on my door when I least expect it.

    The problem is I have let her do that whenever some guy dumps her that she started taking my understanding and kindness for granted.One time I simply said no when she asked to move in with me temporarily, and she was shocked.

    To selfishly get married and not invite her relatives or grooms's parents dumbfounds me.I help her because I care about her well being and the comfort of our kids.She only worries about herself first,our oldest sons second,now her new hubby might come 3rd, and our other son last.When I was with her,I was so far last,lol.

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