I want to cuckold my husband

I am married for 15 years... I have fantasies with other men and I even was unfaithful a few years ago.. I tried to divorce but he does not want to end the marriage and I stay because it seems to be the best thing to do. I dont want to be unfaithful again but I feel the need to explore my sexuality, and to feel free again, as I haven't felt for ages... I want to suggest him to try a cuckold kind of thing... But I am not sure how to bring that up

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  • I too am looking for a cuckold old relationship with my wife. I have expresses interest to her but it has not progressed. We have role-played and it was a BIG turn on for me. But that's all it was just role-play. Any suggestions how to advance forward?
    Regards.... The little hubby That Couldn't

  • Our relationship has always been very honest. We tell each other everything, life goals, joys and fears. I was single and he was in the midst of a divorced when we met. We got to know each other and we clicked and married after about a year of dating. After a couple of years, finally more of our previous love life came up. I told him I had a three of previous relationship and they were all passing fancies. It was actually about 12, I just thought three would make him feel better. Then I asked him. He was shy at first but he told me that he had 5 previous girlfriends and of course his ex-wife. He told me everything. His honesty just poured out. He said that all his previous girlfriends and his first wife cheated relatively openly. I was shocked. He seemed to need to tell me more so I asked him to be specific. So he told me every detail of his cheating girlfriends and ex-wife, a very hot large-breasted redhead, who I knew before I married him. I saw her with other men in bars and at a private house party with a tall, well built, well as they say tall, dark and handsome man who was a bass player in a very popular local jazz band. I was really amazed and really curious. So I asked more about them and how they accomplished their escapades. He went into every specific detail including the fact that he watched a few times secretly when he caught them at home a couple of times. I even asked him to tell me how he felt about it. I really did not need to ask. It was obvious considering how turned on he got relating it all. Is this normal? I've read about cuckolds. Is it possible he doesn’t realize he is a cuckold? Funny thing is that his story really got to me too. Does he want me to be like them and cheat too? The thing is, I would never leave him. I now believe it would be great if he willingly gave me permission or even better, willingly asked me to explore and approve of my complete sexual independence.

  • I am a 75 year old widower and my sexy wife, Helen, cuckolded me for many years. As more of a wittol, from my point of view, I had the greatest erotic s** life on the planet. I know it sounds absurd, but to your cuckold, it is sexual heaven. I hope you have now cuckolded your husband, and that you continue to do so and that he loves it. Good luck.

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  • Thats a great ideal ! turn him into your sissy b**** !

  • Never divorce. It’s the worst business ever. A cuckold must must get aroused by his wife having s** with another man. Is that what you want? Or you just need to f*** around? I realized I find it extremely arousing when I think of other men f****** my wife. I think she’s done it and probably is doing it but we don’t talk about it openly. I think she has done it with her doctor for she takes special care of herself for her appointments. I think she is doing it with her boss for she stays at work till late sometimes until very late, and they take trips together out of town, and sometimes spend the night out. She is 50 now but still pretty attractive. At home she wears skimpy tops and shorts even when family is visiting. I’ve thought she did it once with her sister’s brother.

  • Last night I massaged baby oil on my wife's b****** and nipples as her s** buddy screwed her deep and slow. We made her c** so hard there was a puddle on the floor !! I love watching her face changing from her normal pale complexion to red as she grunts out her o***** again and again.. You and your husband should definitely try finding a boytoy !! Ours is actually a professional masseur. He comes to our home, sets up his massage/s** table and spends the next two hours he hitting all her spots... Give it a go !!

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  • My wife has cuckolded me for a few years now and as long as the respect is there it can be fun and highly erotic. We love each other and still have s** but she just has a much higher s** drive than I do and Im not completely hung up on myself so I realize that she has needs im not fulfilling. It is a very kinky and fun thing and I wouldnt have it any other way. Talk to your hubby and see if it works, or if you dont care then just have affairs and let the ships fall where they may.

  • I had prostate cancer........I have organised for a 25 year old young man to service my wife once a month, she is happy he is happy and I am happy.

  • Hope you get better

  • You don't 'suggest' cuckloid. You need to be dominant. Direct. Take control. If he goes with it, your set if he rebells get the whip out and put him in his place. As a submissive person myself I do not want my wife to give me options. She tells me what I am to do and I do it. it is a love hate thing. Whatever you do will bring you closer though. Do nothing and you will drift apart

  • I understand partly how you feel. I love my husband and deeply respect him. I am proud of being with him. BUT sexually the connection has gone cold. We have a young child and I want our child to grow up with two parents. /n I am so guilty right now having a lesbian relationship with another mom. We met at play group. We also meet at coffee at her place there we are just so physical with each other. Touching kissing feeling each other up all with the kids playing in the next room. If they start to fight or come to the door we stop in a big hurry and pull our tee shirts back down and our pants back up.

  • Go girl. Take control of him. Tease him. Deny him. My marriage was stale and boring. He was lazy and unsatisfied and grumpy. I took control. I took the initiative when it come to s**. I insisted no masturbation and no o***** from him. Our relationship got much hotter. Sexual tension is so much hotter. We kiss passionately. Touch and tease. My libido has come back. I get off so often now. I have him tease and touch me. Sometimes with his tongue

  • You say you don't want to be unfaithful, but then you say you want to cuckold your husband. Do you rationalize that if you tell him beforehand that you are going to f*** another man (like the most recent responder) that somehow that is not being unfaithful? Maybe a different approach would be to suggest finding another couple to swap spouses with. At least that way he is getting something out of it, and I have heard that it can actually improve your married s** lives. Just don't take his agreement to do that (if he does) as a tacit approval to go out on your own to f uck other guys alone. This needs lots of talk and agreement of what each is comfortable with. Good luck.

  • I understand what you feel like. It's just like me 6 years ago. I had a couple of affairs because my hubby didn't want a divorce either. He caught me having s** with the guy in the second affair. He still didn't want to divorce. So I just outright told him I was going to f*** around, whether he liked it or not. If he didn't want to divorce me, he would have to put up with it. I have had s** with 7 or 8 other guys since then--in OUR house--granted when I don't expect him home, but he has walked in on me a few times nevertheless. He just has a disgusted look and goes to the family room until we are done and me lover leaves. My hubby and I are still friendly and even occasionally f***, but we are not as close anymore. I don't care, though, since I am having lots of fun playing with exciting new guys. Give it a try. It might work out better than you think.

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  • Wanna come over and watch some p*** on my flatscreen mirror? 😈

  • Why not just divorce? If you ask him again he will probably agree.

  • You have only one life, its not do or die but do before you die.

  • You have only one life,its not do or die but do before you die.

  • My husband got me into the lifestyle. Even before we got married he talked to me about his desires and secret wishes.
    He said that his very first girlfriend had turned him into a cuckold and that although he wanted to have a more controlled version of being a cuckold he knew that this is what he needed.
    He also told him that he confessed to his mother and she had told him that she would understand, that it was the right thing to do for him and said that she also had a confession. For 20 years she had kept up two relationships with two different men who would be her lovers and that they would meet at their appartments at least twice a week. Sometimes his father was present, most of the time he was not. But both his parent had derived a lot of pleasure from this and their bond grew stronger.

    On our honeymoon a chance encounter led to my first night with another man. Over the years there were not many but the ones we met became long term friends and lovers.

    Soon after I had my first experiences and knew that this was right for me and my husband I also convinced my oldest sister and successfully turn her husband into a happy and satisfied cuckold.

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  • This is lovely ! <3

  • I'll bet he likes you SLUTTY. but he says only when we are together. CHEAT ALL OVER HIM....My boyfriend does not know I do p***....

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  • Nice! I love the super slutty, unfaithful whores. The dirtier the b**** the better. I want zero faithfulness from that c** guzzling s***. Just let her be a filthy, c** dump of a sexual repository for all men to blow their hot steamy load of j*** into. CHEAT ALL OVER HIM! get paid or don't who cares anyways! All s** goes!

  • If you want it you need to take it, and you need to assume the dominant role in the relationship. Sit him down and start gently stroking him. Then when he is excited and nearing release you need to inform him that things are going to change in your household in a radical way. Don't ask, TELL. Order a chastity cage and tell him he's going to be wearing it full time and that you are going to be scheduling his o******, and that the schedule will be posted in the kitchen for everyone to see. Let him know that you will allow him to c** once or twice a month, depending on his behavior. Inform him that he will be allowed supervised masturbation privilege, and that when he c*** he'll be kneeling behind you and licking your ass. Tell him that he is no longer permitted to enter you. Tell him that you are now in control of the household finances and all other decision making. Inform him that he will be serving as your oral slave and that he is going to be servicing you multiple times a day. Tell him that he'll be getting pegged on a regular basis. Finally, tell him that you'll be taking a lover because you need penetration, and that he will be helping you to find that lover. If he disagrees with any of this tell him that these things are going to be implemented or you are going to deny him all access to your body, and threaten to divorce him. Continue to deny him any s** until he agrees with your terms. If he agrees do not allow him to achieve o*****, tell him it will be scheduled, and then force him to service you immediately. In the end he will love you more for all of it. In the end you will win or you will find another man who will agree to your terms, there are plenty out there. As a woman you deserve to be served and worshiped.

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