Should I tell him.

Im facing something extremely difficult right now. About two years ago I was in a relationship for 5 years straight. He cheated on me and gave me herpes. I was devastated sO I left him because he was so unfaithful and I didnt deserve it. Anyway I just happened to find an amazing guy after two years of being lonely and dating men who treated me like s***. me and him have been together for almost a month now he makes me feel great. I havent talked to him about having herpes, I would think he would tell me he loves me no matter what, the thought is killing me that there is a possiblility he wouldnt... Please I need opinions.

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  • First you must find a cure, some forms of herpes are curable , some seem to keep on coming back , No guy wants to date a girls whom has herpes , known she hot it being a w**** to another guy , that insults his love and his integrity . If he is not mature enough to accept the truth , you do not need another idiot in your life . You have another choice which is to demand s** precautions , which you should anyway . You are a victim like millions of other women in the world of being so naive and stupid . But do not hurt him because of your ignorance . get yourself cured or tell him the truth

  • You've got to tell him you have herpes. If you passed it on to him without telling him, he might sue you or hurt you if he gets angry enough. I hope he stays with you, good luck.

  • Thank you guys SO much

  • Telling him is the right thing to do. But even if you don't see the issue in terms of right and wrong, you certainly do NOT want him to find out once the relationship has developed and deepened, nor to find out the "hard way": by discovering that HE has the condition and that YOU gave it to him without bothering to tell him of the risk. Either way, if you care about him at all, whether or not it's love, you don't have a choice. You have to tell him.

  • You should most definitely tell him. The fact is: you have herpes & it's unfortunate, but if he truly loves you he will accept it.

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