Got Pregnant On Business Trip and Husband Assumes The Child Is HI

I was traveling for business and met a rather handsome man at the hotel restaurant. I went back to his room with no intentions of doing anything but to talk and relax. I got caught up in the moment and we had s**. When he was about to enter me I asked if he had a condom and he said that he didn't. I wasn't on birth control (my husband uses condoms) but I thought I was safe and let him come inside me unprotected.

And yes, I got pregnant. Though we generally use condoms, when I came home I had s** with my husband and asked him to come inside me without one. He refused as he said he didn't want to get me pregnant.

I later told him I was pregnant and that the condom must have failed. He totally believed me and now we've been raising our daughter for a year. No one knows and thankfully, the man who got me pregnant looked similar to my husband.

I'm just worried about the future if anyone finds out later due to blood tests or DNA tests.


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  • So..first you go to a strangers room “just to relax” , “no intentions “ but end up f******? But your husband (responsible man) uses condoms because you’re not on birth control and didn’t want a baby? But with this strange man you just met you went bareback and you thought “you’d be safe and let him c** in you ”? Pregnancy aside what about STDs? Not safe from those. How dumb do you think we are? So many things don’t add up. Just admit You went there expecting s**, got caught up in the moment and didn’t want him to pull out or you told him not to c** inside but he did anyway. You knew exactly what you were doing and knew you were fertile. Then tried to make your husband (responsible man) take the fall for the pregnancy but he didn’t want a child and used a condom against your wish. I’m sure he thinks it was his fault you got pregnant because he wasn’t careful enough and beat himself up over it. He loves that child w all his heart I’m sure and when he finds out the truth (he will eventually) it will crush him. He’ll still love her but you’re a different story. Your l*** and irresponsibility caused this. You should feel guilty and feel ashamed. He deserves the truth. I would be absolutely crushed if my wife ever did anything stupid as this. You should feel awful. And don’t use the phrase “it was an accident” or “it was a mistake”. You’re grown and knew what you were doing was wrong but you were weak and selfish to satisfy you’re own desire. You have to live w the consequences. How would you feel if the role was reversed and 9 months later a woman showed up with his baby?

  • The future is DNA heavy, not only will your poor daughter eventually find out so will your husband, it's inevitable.

  • If i was your husband and i found this out one day you'd be at the bottom of a deep f****** lake. Youre a hardcore c***

  • You wasn't on birth control and you let a stranger f*** you then c** in you without protection?
    You have to be the dumbest f****** b**** on the face of the earth. Beside the fact that you knew you would get pregnant you also put yourself at risk for an STD like aids.

  • Judgemental c***

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